Show Your Bujo Theme | March 2023

Time flies when you are painting.

February is always a quick month and I spend a good amount of my time on March’s bujo spread. This time I decided to paint portions of my illustrations with himi gouache. It does take quite a bit more time than simple markers because I have to wait for layers to dry. But I do really like how it turned out.

My March bujo theme is:

Howl’s Moving Castle!

So let us hop right on in.

My cover page! I initially had planned that the front page would be cut out but I forgot to keep one empty. So I ended up having to take a page from an old bujo and paste it in with glue and washi tape. Regardless I still think it looks fun. And I do love how my painting of the howl’s moving castle turned out.

For my pages read spread I went with calcifer. I painted the big calcifer and the others with markers.

For my TBR I went with Sophie’s Hat Shop. It is rare to find a reference pic from the front of the shop, almost always sideways so I’m not sure how accurate this is. And I think having blue in the back would have looked better as a whole. But I’m not completely unsatisfied.

Turnip Head was so fun to paint. And I went with drying lines for wash as that is something he has in the movie haha.

And lastly this spread of monthly favorites and quotes with heen and markl. They mostly turned out cute.

14 thoughts on “Show Your Bujo Theme | March 2023

      1. Ik neem mezelf eigenlijk niets specifieks meer voor qua lezen vermits het nu al een uitdaging op zich is. Jammer genoeg nog steeds geen verbetering op dat vlak.


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