Show Your Bujo Theme | February 2023

We are already in February. Time is moving fairly quick it feels. And for today I am sharing with you what I did for my bujo in February.

I guess this year I want to play a little more with things in my bujo and that I want to do with the themes as well. Merijn is watching a lot of fun shows these days and I am being inspired by them sometimes. So for February my theme is:

Starr VS The Forces of Evil

It is a cartoon on Disney about a princess from an alternate dimension who comes to Earth for safety. It is fun and cute. And these spreads were inspired by it.

Here is my cover. I want to work more on creative ways and dutch doors. So I cut the front in a shape and put a background on the next page. I also put starr behind the front page so that she would surprise you being there.

Purple rainbows and pink stars work very well for the show and so I made my pages read like that.

My tbr spread. I again cut a shape into the tbr page side. And I drew some cute monsters I saw on the show.

Health trackers!

And then a fun monthly favorites page and some space for quotes from books or other things I see.

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