Time to Crunch Some Numbers | Reading Stats 2022

Woah we are already 2 weeks into 2023 and it just seems to be going way too fast. It means that it is about time for that time of year where I dive into my reading stats of the previous year.

In 2021 I read a 110 books. In 2022 I read 130. That is something to consider when comparing.

Previous years

2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020 | 2021


So here we are. The darker purple is also 1,5% but then for 2 stars. Like in 2022 the biggest group are 4 star reads. Though slightly less than last year where I had almost 62% I gained more 5 star and 3 star reads this year which is interesting. I rated 15% 3 stars last year and now it is up to 20%. So yeah that is interesting to me. I was perhaps a tad more critical. But then I also loved some books more than the previous years.

Release Dates

As you can see about half of what I read were fairly recent releases (2021 and 2022). There were some 2023 releases (the dark purple, about 3). The light blue is 2000-2009. In 2021 my releases from that year were well over 40%. Now it is below. I think that is a healthy amount considering what I’m interested in and arcs. There was a bit more room for some older books.


Compared to last year this is pretty much the same. A lot of new releases will be ebooks because of arcs of course. But I am also buying a bit more ebooks and reading them fairly quickly. So there is that.

Since we are talking about formats I feel like this fits here too. I always track if I read an arc or get a book from the library. As you can see about 40% of what I read are arcs. I kind of feel like that is too much and want to read less arcs but then somehow I always end up with so many. Though in 2021 my percentage was 45% so I feel like it is getting a little better.

In 2021 I read no books from the library. This year that was about 3% which amounted to 4 books. Not a lot but still better than nothing. I hope 2023 will be slightly better on the library front.


In my new bujo I call this section Identifier and I feel like that fits much better than gender author. As you can see I still read mostly female authors. Last year was about the same. I read a little less by male authors but more by duo authors. And the non binary author is the one, of course Neon Yang. Of course I need to read more by non-binary authors. Somehow they don’t come into my reading list as easily. But I also feel awkward to search out what a person identifies as and that be the reason I pick up their book, you know? But there needs to be a better balance.

Bought and Read

Here you can see what I bought in physical and ebooks. The purple are the amount of books I actually read from what I bought last year. As you can see I tend to read my ebooks quicker than my physical books. As you could see with the format, there has just been a switch to reading more ebooks so I guess that make sense. One only has so much space, ha. Five years ago I didn’t think this would happen and yet here we are. And it is not a bad thing. Just a change.

Target Groups

I also tracked classics and comics and such but for this graphic I’ve moved them under which specfic target group they are. Adult still trumps all else. Funnily enough when I started this blog I read mostly young adult. I guess I’ve gotten older and have other priorities in life that makes young adult not work for me as much anymore to read. That is fine. (Just as much as it is fine to read young adult at an older age.) I have to say that I also don’t really much miss young adult. I am very picky on what I pick up from that target group these days.


This stat kind of makes me sad because I wish it was higher. I will say that I am very strict on what I make count. Just some lgbtq+ couple or poc in the back do not get added. That is just nog enough rep to me I guess? For 2023 I’m still counting it this way but maybe next year I will seperate it more in front and center rep and in the back rep. Also the disability rep in the books i’ve read has been pretty poor.

Extra Bits

Some extra bits that I tracked. Standalone books was a bit higher than previous years which is nice. As you could see in the great series read project, the series finished has gone up a bit as well.


Most of what I read is between the 300 and 500 pages. Between the 501-800 also was nice this year though. Despite not focusing on it, it went up with a few percent so that is nice. Mostly this is a good graph I think. Maybe I need to make some more room for thicker books.

Per Month

Books Read Per Month
Pages Read Per Month

Clearly July was a pretty good month and I had a bit of a dip in February, March and April. Which checks out with the place I was in there with my mental health.

Monthly TBR

I also tracked how my monthly tbr went. The dark purple is what I read, light purple is not read and the orange are dnf’s. Some months clearly went better than others.

Monthly Average ratings

These speak for them self mostly. Though February was not my best reading month in terms of quantity it apparently was the best in quality. Funny how that works.

Are there any of my statistics that stand out to you?

6 thoughts on “Time to Crunch Some Numbers | Reading Stats 2022

  1. One stat that usually stands out to me is how many books bloggers do or don’t get from their library. I estimate I would be at about 80% library reads. But if you are interested in ARCs, that alone is a big factor that would reduce the necessity of library reads.

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    1. Also libraries in non-english speaking countries really don’t tend to have as much of the books you all have. So 9 times out of 10 the books I want to read aren’t translated or not available at the library yet. That plays a bigger factor than arcs for me.


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