Show Your Bujo Theme | January 2023

Now that it is January and you have been able to see my 2023 bullet journal set up I thought it was time to share my January bujo theme. I’m trying a few different things. More backgrounds. And I am using different medium than I did last year as you could read in my set up post.

So now we are going into the theme I choose for January. I think it was a fun one though I’m not sure I’m always happy with the execution.

My theme is:

Inspired by Emily Wilde’s Encylopaedia of Faeries by Heather Fawcett

After reading the book in December I still felt full enough with it that I wanted to have it a little longer.

With this cover I let myself be inspired by both the uk and us covers of the book and I took elements of both to create this one. One thing that I want to do is have open frames and cut-outs for the cover pages. If you flip the front page you find a black page with the faerie only.

My daily pages spread. Its a bit messy and I don’t think the black lettering works now that I look better at it. But it is okay.

If you are going to let one be inspired by an encyclopaedia you need to put in some different kind of fae. It seemed fitting next to my TBR.

A quote from the book that I liked and the personal trackers. Not a fan of my handwriting here.

And an extra spread I did was one for monthly favorites. It is something new I am trying out. As well as havng a doodle page that fits in with the theme of that month. We’ll see how that will turn out.

I’ve been (re)reading Mercy Thompson and I ended up making this page for it. And I really liked the other quote.

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