Reading Challenges I Am Planning to Partake in 2023

Hello and here are the reading challenges I am partaking in this 2023.

I know it seems like a lot but a lot of these overlap and as often as I dont achieve some of these reading challenges, I still find it fn to play around with all these things.

The 2023 SFF Title Challenge

You can read more about the challenge here. I will be doing my best to fill in my bingo board. I will be posting blog posts where in I share books that fit for each word.

Let Us Read Middle Grade

You can read more about it here. My goal will be to read at least 20 middle grade books.

Turtle Recall

You can read more about it here. I will be going for both goals. Reading 6 books and reading along with the readalong books as chosen in the Goodreads Group. Less ambitious as other years but better managable.

Picture Prompt Book Challenge

The Book Forager is hosting the Picture Prompt Book Challenge again in 2023 so of course I am joining in.

TBR Knockdown 2023

I found this challenge on Storygraph and thought it was a nice way to kick some tbr butt. Rules for myself are no 2023 releases and preferably physical. It is a one per week deal. My goal is for at least 40 weeks and not all 52. Just to give myself a small break.

SpaceTime Reading Challenge

I’m committing to another year of Space Time Reading Challenge. I am again going for Galactic Navigator even though I did not manage it in 2022. I will get those 20 this year. I had better ha.

Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge – Author Edition

You can read more about the challenge here. Basically you have to fit an author in with each of the alphabet letters. Easy as pie she says as she thinks of the X haha. We’ll see how far I’ll get.

Project Backlist

This year Reader Voracious is hosting Project Backlist Reading Challenge in which we will tackle the tbr. You can form this challenge to what you want. I am at least going for committed reader: read tbr book every week (or month). This covers the TBR Knockdown 2023 so that works. And otherwise I’m just going to see what I want to do with it as the year progresses.

Swords & Stars

Another challenge I found on Storygraph was Swords and Stars. A fun looking SFF prompt challenge that should be easy to combine with the rest.

Booktempter’s TBR Reduction Challenge

Last minute I decided to jump in on Womble’s TBR Reduction challenge. Again, it seems to fit into my reading plans anyway. And I like the strict rule of no new additions to the tbr in 2023 and arcs counting. Those are generally the rules I set myself for backlist challenges too.

9 thoughts on “Reading Challenges I Am Planning to Partake in 2023

  1. Good luck with your challenges! I’m looking forward to joining in on your hosted challenges, though some of the SFF Title words seem a little hard for me at the moment. (I’m sure I’ll find something. But a couple of the words—”fierce” most of all—are stumping me at the moment.)

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  2. I’ve decided to tick off books for your SFF titles challenge to see how far I get, but I think because I read lots of genres I’ll probably not manage many! I love the picture bingo one…maybe I can squash in one more challenge.

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