2023 Bujo Set Up | The Reading Bits

At the end of 2022 I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share too much on my bullet journal here still. I’ve opened up an instagram account for it. But then again not everyone is on instagram and as I do a lot of reading journal is in it, it does really work here. And I do like showing off my bullet journal ha.

I was quite a bit into my 2023 set up when that journal pretty much already started to fall apart. I am forever sad because I do like the set ups I had in there. But when i bought a new journal and had to completely restart, I went a different with the set up. Less bright colors.


Pls Lars Bullet Journal
I’ve had quite a few of Mus bullet journals. They are the ones I can get in physical stores and I do like them. But I especially like this one. This one is more hardcover bound and slightly thicker pages. I had to get used to the very white pages but that was the only thing I wasn’t a fan of straight away. But I’m good with it now.

Ohohu Brush Markers
I’ve really enjoyed the alcohol markers for my drawings from Ohohu but they are not good for bullet journals. So I acquired the brush markers. The are okay. Brushmarkers aren’t really my favorite medium but I’ve got a lot of colors so that is fun.

Pentel Brush Pen
I’ve seen the pentel brush pens around but was never sure I could master from the thick to thin lines. But I tried it with a sepia color and I am really loving it.

Basic Set-Up

Two spreads for the review copies. Last year I was able to fit it all barely into 2 spreads so we’ll see how this year goes.

This is a cute spread and it worked really well last year. To see what I bought and if I actually read it.

The seasonal tbr’s are ready to be filled in. I used the same girls again because I think they are still very cute and they work well for these tbr’s.

Long Term Reading challenges

As I set yearly goals I like to also make longer term goals. Who aren’t set to a certain date (well except 40 before 40). And I like tracking them. It is fun to see the progress over the years.

Reading Statistics

I have 2 spreads where I can write in 100+ books for my 100 books read reading challenge.

reading challenges

Turtle Recall | Let Us Read Middle Grade | SFF Title Challenge

mini goals

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