Lets Wrap Up Those Reading Goals and Challenges of 2022

Happy New Year!

It is time to look back to those pretty goals I gave myself at the start of 2022 and see how well I did.

2022 Seems to have been the year where I grabbed more to some comfort books instead of some of the harder books as you will see in my reading challenge accomplishments. Of course I never make it easy on myself but this is quite a meagre year to be honest.

Reading Goals

Read a 100 Books – Complete

Read 40 000 Pages – COMPLETE

(The reading goal says 129 on storygraph because I could not import a Dutch book to storygraph.)

35 Books Before 35 – CANCELLED

In October I had barely read any books from this list and I decided to completely scrap it instead of torturing myself with it. I made a new list with 40 before 40 and I am making it a goal per year to read some of it. That way it isn’t something that will fall to the background again.

5 Books I Think Will Be 5 Star Reads – Complete

Crowbones 5 stars
Feet of Clay 5 stars
Black Water Sister4 stars
Hundred Thousand Kingdoms3 stars
The House in the Cerulean Sea 5 stars

Yes hello. I read all 5 books again. Three were actual 5 star reads and certainly Black Water Sister was a good book. The only dissapointing read for me was The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. I had higher expectations of this book after having read previous books by N.K. Jemisin. But clearly not all of her work works for me.

Reading Challenges

Turtle Recall Reading Challenge – FAIL

Of course my own reading challenge. I only managed to read three books in 2022 for this reading challenge. They were Feet of Clay, Jingo and the Fifth Elephant. I did enjoy all of them. Of course I did. All three are from The City Watch arc that I am really enjoying.

Let Us Read Middle Grade – fail

My other reading challenge was to read middle grade. I think my goal was to read 30 books. I only managed 14. It is kind of sad. For some reason I did not manage to pick up a whole lot of middle grade this year. I think this is my all time low for this target group.

Space Time Reading Challenge – fail

Another fail on my list. I had planned to read at least 20 sci-fi books. I managed 12 books.

Adult SFF Backlist Challenge – fail

I had every intention to read a whole lot of backlist adult books. But the adult part cut me in the finger a few times because books were young adult or middle grade. Clearly I focus better on backlist books without too many restrictions, lol. I did manage to read 49 books of the planned 70.

12 Challenge – fail

Last year I jumped on this bandwagon where you asked your friends/followers for 12 recs to put on a list to read in that year. You know me, I can never ignore a challenge so I tried it. I failed. As mentioned in the intro of this post I’ve had more need of comfort books. And surprisingly, most of those books were not in this list.

I’ve read 5 out of 12 (or at least i hope I’ve read Deeplight by the time this posts.

Picture Prompt Book Bingo – complete

The Library of the Dead | Jade Legacy | Books, Earth and Courtship | For the Wolf
Crowbones | A Half-Built Garden | Destined for an Early Grave | Magycker 1
Pirate Stew | The Warrior Poet | Kelcie Murphy 1 | This Vicious Grace
Stars and Bones | Gallant | Legend and Lattes | A Letter to 3 Witches

Chunkster – Complete

This one is complete because I did not set a goal for this. I just like to keep track of if I am reading some bigger books. Sometimes I avoid those quite a bit. This year I read 21 books above 450 and of those 2 were above 600.

12 thoughts on “Lets Wrap Up Those Reading Goals and Challenges of 2022

  1. While you may not have completed all of your challenges, I think you still had a pretty awesome reading year!

    Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You may not have read as much MG as you’d hoped, but those all look like great reads! I must admit I am not very good at keeping up with book challenges, so I don’t often join any!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You did better with your 12 Challenge than I did – I think I read two books for mine šŸ˜… Even if you didn’t complete all your challenges, it looks like you read a lot of good books on the way. And of course I am super impressed by 21 books above 450! I’m starting the year with BABEL so maybe that is a sign I will read more chunksters… anyway, I hope you are able to enjoy even more middle grade this year, if that’s something you’d like to do šŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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