The Great Series Read Project | Update 2022

In 2022 I committed to The Great Series Read Project as created by Caitlin from Realms of My Mind.

2020 | 2021

2022 seemed to be a good year for series this year. In 2020 I finished 9 series, in 2021 I finished 7. This year I finished 17 series. That is double of what I normally finish and I am quite glad with it. I also think I’m fairly up to date with some series now. More so than in previous years anyway.

As always you can find the pdf’s embed below where I kept track of the specifics.

Series Finished in 2022

Series I Need to Finish

Series I Need to Catch Up On

13 thoughts on “The Great Series Read Project | Update 2022

  1. Seventeen!! My goodness!! Was that a planned effort or did you just happen to read a lot of your series books? Congrats either way 😄 looks like you’ve already got a list going for 2023 haha!

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