Show Your Bujo Theme | December 2022

Waaah it is already the last month in this bujo! How can that be. I’m not even fninshed setting up my new one.

The theme for my december bujo is probably not at all surprising.

I have a new phone so taking pictures I am still getting used to. So these aren’t nessecarily my best shots. I feel like my December cover looks better real life than on the photo.

My spread to fill in what I read and how much I read on which day. Fun little christmas baubles.

I really like how the girl turned out. I collect these kind of girl dolls(when I can afford it) that often appear around Christmas. This is one I got recently and I decided to draw her. I also like the drawing for the tbr with the whole window.

My trackers! All Christmas trees. I really like the left one. The right one needs some work in design really.

I kind of ran out of steam with this page. But I also need myself to write down something for each day and that requires a lot of steam.

5 thoughts on “Show Your Bujo Theme | December 2022

  1. Beautiful as always! I’ve started setting up my reading journal for next year as well. Though nothing as fancy as yours! While I am creative, I am not artistic. I leave that to my husband and daughter.

    Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!

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