Let Us Read Middle Grade 2023 | #LetUsReadMG2023

It is too early to make any conclusions about my middle grade reading (as we are not at the end yet) but it is time to start thinking about bringing back Let Us Read Middle Grade in 2023. I won’t be changing anything on this but I will make a storygraph challenge with a set goal of 20.


Read as many middle grade books in 2022 as you can, and if able, review them. I’ve thought about adding levels here but in the end decided to leave it, and keep it as open as possible.


  • Share your intent to participate with a blog post that links back here, a post on social media using the tag #LetUsReadMG2023 or make a shelf on goodreads and leave a link down below.
  • Make a list of the books you’d like to read during the year.
  • Read a middle grade during January 1st to December 31st in 2022
  • If possible review the book on your blog and/or on Goodreads/Storygraph


Like with my other challenges, I have found ways for the challenge to be on storygraph as well. I am setting the goal for there on 20 books. Now I realize that might be a lot for others so the first 10 are set and the next 10 are bonus. Those arent mandatory to have your challenge set to complete. I hope that works for everyone. Here is the link.

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