Can’t Stop the Signal | My Six Go to Bloggers for Science-Fiction | #TopTenTuesday 363

As we are nearing the end of the tenth Sci-Fi Month the team asks us who are our favorite Science-Fiction bloggers. Well that is a hard question. As you all know my focus is much more on fantasy and such that I know more fantasy focused bloggers then sci-fi ones. Even so I do think I know a few.

This is also for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday post (as always hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl).

Imyril from There Is Always Room for One More

Of course I could not start this list without mentioning Imyril first, one of the Sci-Fi Month hosts. She is not only a fantasy reader but also a big sci-fi reader and I always see so many interesting titles on her blog. Books I haven’t always heard of before.

Lisa from Dear Geek Place

The other half of the Sci-Fi Month team. Lisa is not as active on the blog these days but even more so on Twitter where she often shares what is loving~! Which always includes something fun science-fiction.

Tammy from Books, Bones and Buffy

Tammy is always so on top of the newest release, there is always something that catches my eye on her blog. Whether that is fantasy or sci-fi.

Mayri from The Book Forager

Mayri always has something fun in her reading list ❤

Caitlyn from Realms of My Mind

She reads a great many things and there is always something that I want to pick up afterwards as well.

Nicole from Bookwyrm Knits

Nicole always finds something quirky to read and that isn’t different when it comes to sci-fi.

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