Turtle Recall 2023 | Journey Through Discworld | Reading Challenge

Hello everyone, I’m back again announcing another year of the Turtle Recall reading challenge. After 3 years of hosting this Discworld Reading Challenge I have decided that I am going to change a few things. So let us jump right on in.


Read books set in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. This challenge isn’t to read the whole of the series as I know that is a big commitment. Just hop along reading the Discworld novels. Ones you still need to read or ones that you want to reread.


  • You can set your own goal or reach for goal down below.
  • All Formats count
  • All 41 Discworld books count
  • All short stories and graphic novels count
  • Companion books count as well as they are a part of Discworld. I have also seen books that talk about Discworld and all that. They can be allowed as well, however don’t do this more than once. This challenge is really about Pratchett’s own words (or Stephen Briggs and Paul Kidby (Discworld Imaginarium) count too as they worked alongside Pratchett for a long time).
  • Rereads count.

Levels or Goals?

In the last few years I have had 8 levels where in the last levels it was to read 36-41 books. While that might not be a whole lot in the scheme of things for most bloggers, for one series, it is of course. So instead we will be going for a goal you can join in on if you so wish or to create your own.

Goal 1 – Ankh-Morpork – Read 6 Books

Goal 2 – Death’s Domain – Read along with the 5 readalong books chosen in the goodreads group.

About the Goal Names

Ankh Morpork: Ankh-Morpork is the city on the Unnamed Continent. The name refers to itself, behind walls, and the surrounding suburbs and neighbouring farms. It is partly build upon itself as when the river (Ankh) flooded they just continued to build on the abanded buildings. Ankh-Morpork thrives on guilds. There are guilds for every profession. From thieves to clowns

Death’s Domain: Death’s Domain is, as the name suggests, the domain of Death, the reaper of Discworld. It lays outside of time and space. He lives there with his manservant Albert, his horse Binky and the Death of Rats. Almost everything is in different shades of black. Mon Repos is the main house and the inside is much larger than the outside.

Goodreads and Storygraph

For as long as there are people responding there will be a goodreads group. You can find it here. As always we will be choosing a readalong book to read in February, April, June, August and October. I’m leaving out December as a poll created that most preferred there not to be a readalong book there.

For storygraph I created two challenges. One for goal 1 and another for goal 2. A lot of people have been moving to Storygraph and this way they can come along with the challenge still. I’ll be announcing the readalong books on my Twitter this year too and will try to have it up earlier than what we have been doing in previous years.


Drop a comment below, announce on twitter, make a blog post announcing your participation, join the goodreads group or join one of the storygraph challenges. Do all, one or just a few. All ways are valid to joining in. All I ask is that if you post an announcement in a blog post or on twitter that you tag me (@signourney on twitter).


If you want to showcase your participation on the blog or on social media you can use these simple graphics I made on canva. Simply resize to make a button.

I hope to see you in Ankh-Morpork and/or Death’s Domain!

10 thoughts on “Turtle Recall 2023 | Journey Through Discworld | Reading Challenge

    1. I’m glad I made the challenge a bit smaller than previous years. It seems to be drawing in more people again 🙂 But six can still be a hard number since they aren’t always the easiest books to get into.


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