The 2023 SFF Title Challenge

It is that time of year again when the ideas for various reading challenges start to appear. And so here I am.

I actually had this idea at the start of the year, but I decided that it was better to let it sit and start fresh with it in 2023. I was actually inspired by The Book Forager’s Picture Prompt Book Bingo (which I hope she will do again <3) It is nowhere near the same but it got me thinking haha.

So in 2023 I will be hosting the 2023 SFF Title Challenge! It is simple. Read a SFF book with a word in the title from the board below.


  • Read an SFF Book which has one of the words from the board in the title.
  • Only Science Fiction and Fantasy books. Any subgenre that fits into those two counts.
  • 1 Double up is allowed
  • Series titles can count but you must read 2 book in the series then to get it to count
  • I will not police these rules haha


I would love it if you posted your intention to your blog or social media (and tag me) but it is not required. You can also post on this comment.


  • I will be posting book suggestions for the words in the first quarter of the year .
  • I would like to make a group for suggestions and talkings about this challenge. However I have not decided which medium to use for that yet. Discord, Twitter (if it survives) or if anyone has any other ideas I am open to it.
  • NEW: There is now a storygraph challenge made so if you are on storygraph you can already join in.

Most of all I hope that you will enjoy this challenge with me.

19 thoughts on “The 2023 SFF Title Challenge

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