What the writing process looks like for a fantasy series versus a stand alone book | Guest Post by Dr. Mucci

Hello everyone, today it is time for another guest post on this blog. This time I am welcoming Dr. Mucci who recently released Ignatius and the Battle at Dinas Affaron. It is the second book to his YA fantasy series that he started writing during the covid period. He was actually working full time in an emergency room as he was writing his books. That alone sounds kind of epic. So without further ado, here is his guest post about the writing process.

What the writing process looks like for a fantasy series versus a stand alone book

Writing a  series of any genre requires much more planning than for a single book.  You need careful plot planning so that each book has a unique story line while being a part of the overall series plot you have designed.  You need to tell the reader enough in a single story to make that story exciting, but not so much that they don’t want to return for the next book in the series — there has to be something left unanswered that makes the reader want to come back for more.  Which means you have to make your characters interesting enough so the reader is invested in wanting to see what happens next.  You have to define the motivation for each character before you begin the series, and  use that to drive your characters’ actions across all the book so the characters don’t appear different from one book to the next.  Thus character planning as well as plot planning is essential when you undertake writing a series. 

When writing a fantasy series, you also have to plan out your fantastical creatures and how they will develop over the series, not just the humans. If some of your creatures are based upon folklore, then honoring that folklore to some degree is also important.    For example, I introduced the Glaistig fairies in Book 1, putting my own twist on the Scottish folklore as they tend to flowers and gardens.  In Book 2 I show a new side of the Glaistigs, as warriors that help protect and defend a land, as well as forming a communication network to warn of danger approaching.  Creatures are more interesting when they grow or more detail is revealed about them,  well as the humans growing along their journey in the story.

If you have a fantasy land you have created for your fantasy story, then planning out your map is critical across the series.  You need to have the basic characteristics of each land outlined for book 1, knowing the landscape, culture, climate, languages, and governing bodies will then be set across all the books.  You can add more details to your map as the books progress.  As I highlight cities not discussed in Book 1, you will see them added to the map for Book 2.  

So planning plot lines, characters, fantastical creatures and fantasy world maps are all important components when writing a fantasy series, instead of a stand alone book.  

About the Author

After 40 years as an Emergency Room physician, D.A. Mucci turned to writing fantasy fiction in his spare time as an enjoyable escape from the pandemic stress. Mucci’s two adult children inspired his love of the fantasy genre during their younger years. His first book in the IgnatiusTM series was well received,winning an Independent Press award, that he now spends most of his time writing and only part-time with patients in the Emergency Room.Mucci calls both Connecticut and Florida home, and with his wife Jeanne by his side, he’s constantly dreaming up new, fantastical creatures, daring escapades, and witty one-liners. He looks forward to writing more adventures for Iggy in this series, and hopes they provide readers the same delightful escape it brought him during the pandemic when Iggy’s adventures began. Learn more about the author and get excited for more adventures at damucci.com.

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About the Book

Title: Ignatius and the Battle at Dinas Affaraon by Dr. Mucci
Series: Ignatius 2
Release Date: September 2022
Tags: Young Adult Fantasy | Mythical Creatures | Coming of Age

The sweat pours from his brow…

… as Iggy forges a sword from a meteorite.

Will it be the weapon to save them?

As the evil and obsessed Emperor Mallak plans to kill Iggy for his crystal amulet, Iggy is distracted by Raraesa. His crush makes it hard to focus, but he’s becoming a master smith. With that comes the muscles that will make him a great fighter, too.

There’s just one problem.

A dark wizard, a Death Knight, and five thousand soldiers have been tasked with hunting him down.

Where will he hide?

The mysteries of the Nostaw Warrior still haunt Iggy. There must be a reason he was given the sword and he prays it will help him return to his place and time, but Pennsylvania seems far off.

Is the answer on the Island of Cambria?

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