Show Your Bujo Theme | November 2022 | #SciFiMonth

November is Sci-Fi Month and for that I always try to have a theme that fits in with it for my bujo. So this month my theme is:


In recent years I often tried more space but I wasn’t always happy with that. So this year I went with something very different. Steampunk is science fiction though it can cross over into fantasy. So it seemed nice to try and have those in my bujo this year.

My front page is a weird mash of gears and swirls. A lot of these pages will have actual metalic colors that I added with himi Gouache but it doesn’t show as nicely on the photos.

This spread is where I will track my pages read and which books I read. Bunch of gears here again.

I like this spread the most. Probably because it is already a bit more finished than the others. With the others I still need to fill things in and I only have to color the numbered gears when I’ve read a book.

Lastly some trackers and a positive page. This turned out a bit messy. The metalic copper didn’t paint as nicely as I wanted.

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