Previously on #SciFiMonth | Sci-Fi Books I Discovered Through #SciFiMonth

Like during Wyrd and Wonder the Sci Fi Month Crew has decided to top list posts for the 10th year anniversary. Top Ten is a long list though and I don’t know if I will always be able to reach that amounth. But hey it is more about the topic, am I right?

Yesterday I shared the books I read since Sci Fi Month 2021. Today I’m sharing a few books I discovered because of Sci Fi Month. Lets see how well my memory serves me.

The Expanse

I’m fairly certain I’d barely heard about The Expanse before I saw Imyril read and talk about it during one of the Sci Fi Month editions. It is such a large series it is surprising I hadn’t come across it before.

Escaping Exodus

I won this arc during a Sci Fi Month giveaway!

The Traitor Baru Cormorant

Again I think it was Imyril who pointed me in the interactions.

Killing Gravity

Another Sci-Fi that got my attention one Sci-Fi Month. This time a novella. One of which I really need to read on with the series.

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