The Alchemy of Sorrow | ARC Review


Thank you to Crimson Fox Publishing and Netgalley for the review copy in exchange for an honest review. This does not change my opinion in anyway.

Book: The Alchemy of Sorrow. Edited by Sarah Chorn and Virginia McClain
Release Date: November 1st 2022
Tags: Anthology | Fantasy Anthology | Memories | Disability
Trigger/Content Warnings: Grief | Sorrow | Death | Death of a Parent | Death of a Loved One | Death of a Child


Here be dragons and sorcery, time travel and sorrow.

Vicious garden gnomes. A grounded phoenix rider. A new mother consumed with vengeance. A dying god. Soul magic.

These stories wrestle with the experience of loss—of loved ones, of relationships, of a sense of self, of health—and forge a path to hope as characters fight their way forward.

From bestsellers and SPFBO finalists to rising voices, 13 exceptionally talented authors explore the many facets of grief and healing through the lens of fantasy and sci-fi.

The Alchemy of Sorrow is an ambitious idea. An anthology about grief and sorrow. It is so very different and there are so many different griefs. And I am glad to see so many different ones in this anthology. Grief is not just about death.

The art on the cover and in front of each story is gorgeous and a great asset to the story.

Lullaby by K.S. Viloso | 3 stars

Lullaby is a prologue to the author’s series which feels a little weird. It is from the point of view of an unborn child, of the villian of the longer series. While the world felt really interesting I had some trouble with the point of view.

Skies on Fire by Sonya M. Black | 4 stars

An interesting story that focuses on the grief of a phoenix rider for the loss of the ability of their body. It is such an interesting world that I would love to read more about. And an interesting take on grief.

A Matter of Trust by Angela Boord | 4 stars

A very interesting set up and side characters.

A Reoccurance of Jasmine by Levi Jacobs | 4 stars

I thought the set up with the god was really interesting and I really was invested in the characters. I would love to read more.

Twice Domesticated Dragons by Intisar Khanani | 4 stars

For every child who has had to grow up too fast and carry more than they know how.

Of course I was going to love this because it had dragons. But then there was also something much more heartfelt in this story about a family of refugees just trying to surive. And a child having to take on more responsiblity than they should.

The Witch in the Wood by Quensby Olson | 4 stars

A Heartfelt story of a mother who has to give up her child to save it.

Thief by Virginia McCain | 4 stars

A story about the grief of a child. What would a few more extra minutes with your loved one really get you? And what would to do to get it?

Thicker Than Water by Carol A. Park | 3 stars

This story is set in the world of a bigger series by the author. I think that showed because I wasn’t sure if I was grasping all the elements like the banebringers.

Death in the Uncanny Valley by M.L. Wang | 3,5 stars

This story is set in a VR Game which gave it a bit of a different feel than the other stories.

Summer Souls by Clayton Snyder | 4 stars

Memories are like that, I said. High and bright. But never so close you can see more than the shine.

A great standalone story about grief and memories.

Reliquary of the Damned by Rachel Emma Shaw | 4 stars

I really liked the set up of the world in this story and I would love to read more about it.

The Quiet by Madolyn Rogers | 5 stars

Through fantasy, I wanted to explore the strange duality of depression – that as miserable as it is, it can also be a refuge, it’s numbness as shield against unbearable pain.

What happens when you don’t allow grief or pain.

The Paperweight Watch by Krystie Matar | 5 stars

This one is so full of emotions.

4 thoughts on “The Alchemy of Sorrow | ARC Review

  1. I was part of the Kickstarter for this, but I haven’t read it yet! 😯 I’m glad Intisar’s Story has dragons so I can read it in January. 🙌🙌🙌

    Thanks for reviewing it story by story. I’ll read the lesser ones first and get them over with. 😁

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