Brothersong | Green Creek book 4 | Book Review

 Book: Brothersong (Green Creek 4) by T.J. Klune
Release Date: October 13th 2020
Tags: Adult | Found Family | Werewolves
Trigger/Content Warnings: Mentioned Physical Abuse | Mentioned Emotional Abuse | Trauma | Body Horror | Mentioned Torture | Murder
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In the ruins of Caswell, Maine, Carter Bennett learned the truth of what had been right in front of him the entire time. And then it—he—was gone.

Desperate for answers, Carter takes to the road, leaving family and the safety of his pack behind, all in the name of a man he only knows as a feral wolf. But therein lies the danger: wolves are pack animals, and the longer Carter is on his own, the more his mind slips toward the endless void of Omega insanity.

But he pushes on, following the trail left by Gavin.

Gavin, the son of Robert Livingstone. The half-brother of Gordo Livingstone.

What Carter finds will change the course of the wolves forever. Because Gavin’s history with the Bennett pack goes back further than anyone knows, a secret kept hidden by Carter’s father, Thomas Bennett.

And with this knowledge comes a price: the sins of the fathers now rest upon the shoulders of their sons.

The last book in the Green Creek series focuses on Carter, a Bennett brother for the first time. Which I found interesting. I think Gavin was a bit too far removed from the story and the background of the pack to make this story work.

I always liked Carter even though he was a bit brass. His friendship with Ox from the start was genuine and had nothing to do with Joe, well little but the start anyway. But he was always a bit more removed from the romantical side of things. He didn’t seem to be looking for more than a good time. But when Gavin was torn from him at the end of Heartsong he realized what the timberwolf meant to him. I did think their romance was a bit forced by the situation where they felt it was needed that they mated so that they were sure that Gavin wouldn’t be influenced by his father. I think that was a shame because I felt that they needed more time with one another. On the other hand they do work. Even if Carter is awkward as heck that he now has a boyfriend instead of girlfriend.

There are some things about the plot that didn’t quite work for me. How the pack came to the rescue just at the right moment. That they waited for Livingstone to break free and come to them when they had him trapped or what about that thing with Ox?

But I am and always will be so mighty invested in the characters and these bonds that I could read right through it and not be too bothered.

5 thoughts on “Brothersong | Green Creek book 4 | Book Review

  1. I love this series so much and I completely agree with your review! Not everything in this final book worked for me either, but like you said I was also so invested in these characters and their bonds that I wasn’t bothered by it.

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