Did I Read My Summer TBR 2022?

Summer went up and down. From periods where I read a lot to periods where I barely read. I also picked up a lot of books on a whim instead of from any list unless it was an arc I had to read. So this seasonal TBR that had little arcs did not go quite so well.

As you can see I only read 4 out of 10. Which is quite eh for me compared to previous seasonal tbr’s. But I was more of a mood reader than a tbr reader this past season. It was a bit of a weird period. I am going to carry over 3 of these books to my fall tbr as I think they will be perfect Spooktastic Reads books. And if you don’t know what Spooktastic Reads is, go and clicky the link.

The three I’m carrying over are Black Water Sister, The Language of Ghosts and These Violent Nights. Yes again Black Water Sister. My mood just wasn’t there. But I do think it fits around Halloween and since I’ll be part of the hosting of Spooktastic Reads I’ll be more focused on what I have on my tbr.

3 thoughts on “Did I Read My Summer TBR 2022?

  1. Als het lezen wat moeilijker gaat is het inderdaad het beste om lijstjes te lossen en te kiezen voor het boek dat je op dat moment het meeste aanspreekt. Ik ben momenteel eindelijk aan mijn eerste boek gelezen dat aanvoelt alsof het bij deze maand past … Go hex yourself.

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