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Ten Books That Embrace City Life | #TopTenTuesday 353

Making lists is one thing that I always love to do. And I do quite love it when people throw new things in the hat for Top Ten Tuesday. Like books with geographical terms in the title. I’m going to be going over my read list for other terms for freebie moments, but for now I’m going to settle on the easy city.

Also I desperately need more books to have borough in the title.

The City of Brass | The City We Became | Jade City | City of the Gods
Tarnished City | City of Stone and Silence | City of Masks | City of Bones

And then as I was in the middle of this I had to stop and I miss placed my paper where I had it all written down. So now I only have about half of what I initially wanted to post. But I didn’t have the time to go through my goodreads again. So you will have to do with just these.

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