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Bringing the Monsters in Your Autumn | Spooktastic Reads 2022

Of course at this point we aren’t quite at the change of seasons. At least not the astronomical one. That doesn’t change the fact that we of Wyrd and Wonder have already been planning a little. And so we are bringing Spooktastic Reads, the wyrd and wonder mini event, back for another year!

What Is Spooktastic Reads?

Wyrd & Wonder is a celebration of the fantastic, but it’s a long time from one May to the next to wait for an adventure and not all fantasy reads are best enjoyed with birdsong and spring sunshine. Spooktastic Reads is Wyrd and Wonder’s autumnal ghost, 13 days to share the thrills of dark fantasy, paranormal romance, ghost stories, urban legends, all things Gothic and even a side of horror for those who dare. LisaJorie, Imyril, Ari and I will be curling up under blankets by candlelight with hot chocolate and the spookiest things on our fantasy TBRs (and watchlists!) as we celebrate the creepier end of the fantasy genre.

Instagram Snaps

If you feel like taking some photos and taking us into the dark with all your creepy reads, please join us over on Instagram (and twitter) with our photo challenge.

When Is It?

Spooktastic Reads is always from October 19th to the 31st. Thirteen is the number!

Grab a Graphic

How Do I Take Part?

Spooktastic Reads is a very casual event so we do not have a sign-up form. Feel free to jump in at any moment that suits you or jus watch us from a safe distance. But we do love to see all your adventures. Feel free to use the tag #SpooktasticReads. Tag us on Twitter and Instagram with @WyrdandWonder.

Are you coming along with us in the dark?

9 thoughts on “Bringing the Monsters in Your Autumn | Spooktastic Reads 2022

  1. I’ve started my spooky reads already, I don’t think October is long enough lol! My hubbie keeps reminding me it’s too early to be decorating for Halloween, but I’m not taking any notice, He hasn’t seen anything yet lol!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, how fun! I do want to play along with this, assuming I have time, since I enjoyed the May event so much this year. I also have been enjoying adding spooky seasonal reads to my TBRs, so hopefully I’ll actually read some of them for this mini-event!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha Yeah I’m the same. I always intend to, like the itch starts to in september but that I’m like no wait until october for this one and then it doesn’t happen. huh.


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