Books I Have Multipe Copies Of | #TopTenTuesday 352

The first Top Ten Tuesday of September (as always hosted That Artsy Reader Girl) and I am changing it up right away. Initially we were meant to be talking about books we loved so much I had to get a copy. But I’m fairly certain I did something like this not too long ago. (I did, on books I still wanted to get a copy off).

So instead I decided to share the books I have multiple copies off. I’m not only a reader but also a book collector. And I am easily swayed by pretty covers. I will warn you that there is a bountiful amount of Terry Pratchett.

Thorn I got an arc from Intisar Khanani and after its release I bought the finished copy to support the author.

I couldn’t reach it as it was so high up my shelves but I also have a hardcover of The Republic of Thieves. I found that for 2 Euro.

I have a boxset of the Six of Crows duology. But when I found this special editon for 50% I couldn’t leave it.

I got the hardcover second hand and later found the very pretty paperback cheap as well.

The three volumes of LOTR are the Dutch editions I got during my teens. I bought the bind up a few years ago as a gift to myself.

The same goes for this one. Though my DUtch edition of The Hobbit looks a little better than my Dutch editions of LOTR.

Alice in the Wonderland gets some of the best editions. I got this barnes and noble edition a good 10 years ago. Later I bought the tiny blue edition and the Dutch middle one.

I got my copy of A Chrismas Carol a few years ago. Last year I bougt the Dutch release that was rewritten by a Dutch author.

Favorite trilogy ❤

As you can see I have quite the collection of Terry Pratchett doubles.

38 thoughts on “Books I Have Multipe Copies Of | #TopTenTuesday 352

  1. What a wonderful list! One of my closest friends loves the Six Of Crows books and I have them I just need to read them. She has the special edition ones too and they really are stunning! You can never have too many editions of Alice in Wonderland! I also have The Hobbit and really want to read it. Maybe this winter 🙂

    Happy TTT!

    My TTT:

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  2. I’ve definitely upped my book collector status in recent years what with all the SEs that catch my eye and I can’t resist 😍 I still haven’t read any Terry Pratchett (I know) but his book covers are always fantastic! Great list, Annemieke.

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  3. Great picks of books to own multiple copies of! There’s one particular version of LOTR that I will buy if I ever find it. (It’s a fancy hardback which goes with my fancy edition of The Hobbit.) I love the different covers on the Pratchett books. And you’re right! Alice in Wonderland gets some really fun editions. I’d like to get a fancy illustrated edition one of these days.

    My TTT:

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  4. Hihi, misschien moet ik deze blogpost bewaren tegen dat iemand zegt “Heb je nu nog een extra versie van Matilda of Harry Potter gekocht?” Ik denk trouwens dat dat de enige boeken zijn waar ik meerdere edities van heb.

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