Still Working on That Backlist | Six Authors I Need More Off

Recently we did a post for Top Ten Tuesday about authors we still want to read and it made me realize it was time to look at the backlist of some books. I did a post about for Top Ten Tuesday in 2018 actually (and I thought another one after that but I can’t find it) which focused on some authors whose backlist I still need to read.

But I felt an update was needed. In some cases (Intisar Khanani) I’m up to date, in other authors I kind of lost interest to read their backlist. That happens. And new authors and such come forward. So its about time to start looking at a new list.

Terry Pratchett

What Have I Read | 26
The Color of Magic | Equal Rites | Mort | Guards! Guards! | Eric | Reaper Man | Men at Arms | Soul Music | Feet of Clay | Jingo| Hogfather | Thief of Time | The Last Hero | The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents | The Wee Free Men | A Hat Full of Sky | Going Postal | Wintersmith | Making Money | I Shall Wear Midnight | Raising Steam | The Shepherd’s Crown
Good Omens | Who Fears Death | The Long Earth | The Unadulterated Cat
What Haven’t I Read | 33
The Light Fantastic | Sourcery | Wyrd Sisters | Pyramids | Moving Pictures | Witches Abroad | Small Gods | Lords and Ladies | Interesting Time | Maskerade | The Last Continent | Carpe Jugulum | The Fifth Elephant | The Truth | Night Watch | Monstrous Regiment | Thud! | Unseen Academicals | Snuff
The Long War | The Long Mars | The Long Utopia | The Long Cosmos
Truckers | Diggers | Wings | Only You Can Save Mankind | Johanny and the Dead | Johnny and the Bomb
Dragons at the Crumbling Castle | The Witch’s Vacuum Cleaner | Father Christmas Fake Beard | The Time-Travelling Caveman

There is a lot still to be read by Terry Pratchett for me. As mentioned before I like taking my time with Discworld. No rush really. As goes for the rest of his books. But I do make a point to try and read a few a year.

Seanan McGuire | Mira Grant | A. Deborah Baker

What Have I Read | 16
Every Heart a Doorway | Down Among the Sticks and Bones | Beneath the Sugar Sky | In An Absent Dream | Come Tumbling Down
Rosemary and Rue | A Local Habitation | An Artificial Night | Late Eclipses | One Salt Sea | Ashes of Honor | Chimes at Midnight | The Winter Long
Middle Game | Seasonal Fears
Over the Woodward Wall
What Haven’t I Read | 22
Across the Green Grass Field | Where the Drowned Girls Go
A Red-Rose Chain | Once Broken Faith | The Brightest Fell | Night and Silence | An Unkindest Tide | A Killing Frost | When Sorrows Come
Discount Armageddon | Midnight Blue – Light Special | Half-off Ragnarok | Pocket Apocalypse | Chaos Choreography | Magic for Nothing | Tricks for Free | That Ain’t Witchcraft | Imaginary Numbers | Calculated Risks | Spelunking Through Hell
Into the Drowning Deep | Along the Saltwise Sea | Into the Windwracked Wilds

These aren’t even all the books by the hand of McGuire but the most immediate on my TBR.

N.K. Jemisin

What Have I Read | 5
The City We Became | The Fifth Season | The Obelisk Gate | The Stone Sky | The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
What Haven’t I Read | 6
The World We Make | The Broken Kingdoms | Kingdom of Gods
The Killing Moon | The Shadowed Sun | How Long ’till Black Future Month

Jemisin definitely deserves more of my attention.

Robin Hobb

What Have I Read | 9
Assassin’s Apprentice | Royal Assassin | Assassin’s Quest | Ship of Magic | The Mad Ship | Ship of Destiny | Fool’s Errand | The Golden Fool | Fool’s Fate
What Haven’t I Read 8
The Inheritance | The Dragon Keeper | Dragon Haven | City of Dragons | Blood of Dragons | Fool’s Assassin | Fool’s Quest | Assassin’s Fate

Well I’m well on my way with The Realm of the Elderlings. In the future I might also look into her work as Megan Lindholm.

P. Djèlí Clark

What Have I Read | 5
A Dead Djinn in Cairo | The Haunting of Tram Car 015 | The Angel of Khan-el-Khalili | A Master of Djinn | The Black Gods Drums
What Haven’t I Read | 2
Ring Shout | The Secret Lives of the Nine Negro Teeth of George Washington

Very close to being caught up here

Aliette de Bodard

What Have I Read | 7
The Tea Master and the Detective | The House of Shattered Wings | The House of Binding Thorns | The House of Sundering Flames | Of Dragons, Feasts and Murders | Of Charms, Ghosts and Grievances
Fireheart Tiger
What Haven’t I Read | 5
Seven of Infinities | Of Wars, and Memories, and Starlight | The Citadel of Weeping Pearls | On a Red Station Drifting
In the Vanisher’s Palace

I did make quite a dent in my Bodard list this year so far. It helps when you read an entire series in a month, lol.

* Still reading but finishing this month.

8 thoughts on “Still Working on That Backlist | Six Authors I Need More Off

  1. Impressive list! I have a lot of these books by these authors on my lists, too. I agree with your thoughts on Discworld: I enjoy them most when I take my time. And I’m caught up with P. Djèlí Clark! The only one of his that I haven’t read (Ring Shout) is one I’m not going to because it sounds too horror-y for me to enjoy.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m going to be so happy getting back to the Turtle Recall group next year! 🎉🎉🎉

    I need to read the next Hobb dragon book in January. 🐉

    I’m reading Ring Shout in October and The Fifth Season in November. 📚

    Liked by 1 person

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