Show Your Bujo Theme | August 2022

It is already August and time to show you my bujo theme for the month!

I’ve actually had this one done for almost 2 months. For some reason I was feeling very inspired at the end of May/start of June and both July and August just came flying by. I have also started my 2023 bujo set up because I want a specific something that I have in my head now. And also I have no chill. I just don’t know how the end of the year will be with setting everything up for the business with building the business so it doesn’t feel too wrong to work ahead of time.

In any case I picked a familiar theme! It is:

Hot Air Balloons

I did this theme in September 2020 too and I decided to have a go at it again. Nobody says you can’t recycle themes, right? Let me know which ones you think look best!

A fairly simple illustration of a landscape with hot air balloons.

A simple boxed page for pages read. Do you spot the mistake?

I like the lettering on this and the page with the tbr box. But I completely messed up the rigging on the hot air balloon. Boo.

Not overly happy with the hot air balloon shapes here but I do like the lettering again.

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