Book Haul 72 | Vacation Picks

It has not been that long since my last book haul but since I got a few in the vacation and Deventer Boekenmarkt is coming up soon I figured I’d share these already with you.

I got rather lucky during our vacation when I found a second-hand store that was selling books super cheaply for a good cause in Heerlen I belive. I got most books for 1 euro.

Oela en de Draken = READ
Rosemary and Rue (October Daye 1) by Seanan McGuire = READ
An Artificial Night (October Daye 3) by Seanan McGuire = READ
Late Eclipses (October Daye 4) by Seanan McGuire = READ
One Salt Sea (October Daye 5) by Seanan McGuire = READ
This Side of the Grave (Night Huntress Universe 7) by Jeaniene Frost
Deep Roots (The Innsmout Legacy 2) by Ruthanna Emrys

The first book is a dragon book for Merijn. I had read all of the McGuire books before but I wanted to own them for that price since I am working on that series (or planning to continue. I’m at book 9 or so). I read the first two Night Huntress universe books a while ago from the library (in dutch but they did not translate the rest). So I thought it was good to pick this up. I’d only need a few ebooks to fill up the gaps lol.


At Grave’s End (Night Huntress Universe 3) by Jeaniene Frost = READ
Destined for an Early Grave (Night Huntress Universe 4) by Jeaniene Frost = READ
First Drop of Crimson (Night Huntress Universe 5) by Jeaniene Frost = READ
Eternal Kiss of Darkness (Night Huntress Univserse 6) by Jeaniene Frost = READ

So yes to fill the gap. These covers are so bad though. Especially Eternal kiss of darkness. My gosh.

Review Copies

The Dragon Flyers (The Dragon Flyers 1) by Cynthia Starr
Four Lady Fortune (Foul Lady Fortune 1) by Chloe Gong
Wolfsong (Green Creek 1) by T.J. Klune
A Restless Truth (The Last Binding 2) by Freya Marske

4 thoughts on “Book Haul 72 | Vacation Picks

  1. I’m torn because I kinda love how bad 90s-2010s urban fantasy and paranormal romance covers are, but they are still so bad 😀

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  2. Dat is echt wel geluk hebben. Vooral omdat de paperbacks van Seanan McGuire ook nog eens perfect bij elkaar passen. Ze lijken ook allemaal in goede staat te zijn. Van zo’n koopjes kan je vrolijk worden hé. Ik zag daarstraks in een van je andere blogposts ook al iets van Jeaniene Frost en dat deed me er bij stilstaan dat ik nog enkele ongelezen delen van haar in de kast heb staan. Ook van die serie trouwens maar ik ben er enkele jaren terug precies in gestrand geraakt.

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