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Going into the Autumn Equinox | Magical Readathon

It is the last day of July which means that tomorrow the Autumn Equinox of the Orilium Readathon from Book Roast is starting again! One month long reading. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, below I have linked the youtube announcement and she explains everything in the video and any of the previous ones.

So now that we are in our second semester we have to specialize in certain subjects for our chosen calling. I went with Beast Master which means I have to dive further into 4 subjects for a total of 7 books. Which is rather do-able.

Animal Studies

Book with an Animal Companion The Dragon’s Promise
Raven on the Cover or in the TitleThe Raven Tower
Rabbit on the Cover or in the Title *

* I think I might turn to a picture book here to read with Merijn. Shh.

Elemental Studies

Start a Book with a DrinkThis could be any book.


Book on someone’s worst list that you’d think you’d like Wolfsong


A Single Object as the focus on the cover
One of the oldest books on your tbr Signal to Noise *

* The oldest book on my august tbr. Since it is coming out anew I thought that would work lol.


Last semester a lot of the quests came at random moments on twitter and only a few could claim them And then there were a few for everyone. This time Book Roast added in around 10 or so quests in the Orillium drive to pick from. I’ve chosen 3 that I think would fit with my character.

Amphibian Wranglers Wanted Author Name Starts with B or FStorm Cursed
Paid Animal TherapyMore Than One Animal on the Cover
Potion Testing Book with potions/poison Daughter of the Moon Goddess
These Violent Delights *

* Does this have a poison? With it being a romeo and julliette reimagining I would suspect it.

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