The Holloway Girls | ARC Review

Thank you to SOURCEBOOKS Fire and Netgalley for the review copy in exchange for an honest review. This does not change my opinion in anyway.

 Book: The Holloway Girls by Susan Bishop Crispell
Release Date: June 7th 2022
Tags: Young Adult Fantasy | Romance | Curses | Magic Families
Trigger/Content Warnings: Slut Shaming | Prude Shaming | Victim Blaming


When your kiss is good luck, the wrong kiss could change everything…

During the kissing season, one kiss from Remy or her older sister Maggie will give the boy—or girl—good luck. Or so it has been for all the Holloway girls before. But this year, Remy’s first season, she doesn’t follow the rules, dooming the boy she kisses to bad luck that almost kills him and leaving Remy with a cursed kissing season.

Now Remy is adamant about keeping her lips to herself. But the new boy in town is making it hard to keep her promise. Especially because he seems to really want to get to know her, and isn’t just using her for the Holloway luck. But before she can even think about kissing someone else, she’ll have to find a way to fix the curse, or else her family’s legacy will be tainted forever.

The Holloway Girls focuses on Remy, the current youngest Holloway Girl who is about to turn 16. And that means inheriting the kissing magic that brings others good luck. But when her kiss brings bad luck to the first receiver she doesn’t know what to do.

Yeah. I had higher expectations from that cover and idea. It was fine to read for the moment but once you start to think about it, it is getting a whole lot of nope from me.

The first thing would be the instant slut shaming that Remy has towards her sister Maggie whose kissing season is just ending. Because she kissed so many guys during her season but she wants her recipiant to mean someting. Gag. On the other hand everyone around her is prude shaming her and shoving her into any available guy. Even her father at one point. If she wants to spend this kissing season kissing no one how about accepting that? And this is just about kissing mind you.

There are also holes in the magic for me. Why is the magic going to 16 year old girls? What about the guys in the family (who aren’t even mentioned might I add)? Why write down the rules like no kissing someone who is in love with someone else but not give a solution for when it does happen. Because you cannot always know this up front. Sometimes people don’t even realize it themselves. Why isn’t it the first idea to disconnect Remy from the magic of the book to cancel the curse? Why does her family believe in luck from a kiss but not in a curse when not following the rules?

Lets not forget the whole victim blaming of Remy by the whole town for Isaac’s bad luck when he knew exactly what he was doing by kissing her. How do all those teens not have a mind of their own? Why does the whole town know anyway?

As you can see I could not actually make sense of a lot of things in this book and the more I think about it the more I dislike it.

3 thoughts on “The Holloway Girls | ARC Review

  1. I think your questions sound legitimate and I would probably not like this either. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. It’s always a bummer when a book we’re anticipating turns out to be a dud.

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