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She Who Became the Sun | The Fantasy Hive Readalong Week 3

Here we are again with this weeks readalong questions for She Who Became the Sun. Again this readalong is hosted by the team of The Fantasy Hive.

This post is for chapters 12 to 17. Beware of spoilers if you read this post.

The theme of identity is a driving one in this story: discuss.

Its one that comes forward in a lot of ways. A lot of people are focusing on one meaning of a word and what that should mean to someone else. Woman, Monk, Eunich, Father, Brother, Friend. But people decide their own identity, something that Ma realizes strongly when she finds out who Zhu really is. Zhu who created her own identity of who she is, having discarded the look of a woman and changing the way others think of Monks in the way that she engages in the war and the world.

But Ouyang playes a lot with his identity too. He is a different person for different people. But does he still know who he is still on the inside now? Especially with Esan this comes forward a lot. He feels all these things but he can’t touch them. Because of the identity he has to keep up.

Another important theme and one which has played a large part in this week’s section is fate. What were your thoughts on this?

I always find fate a hard one. I think you decide your own fate. Zhu talks a lot about her fate but she is doing it all on her own. Was it then her fate or her hard work that did it?

What are our thoughts on the death of Chaghan? How calculated was Ouyang devising that plan?!

That was coming for a while. Nothing in Ouyangs world would have moved forward otherwise. It is interesting how he managed to manipulate Wang and Wang knows it. But he isn’t saying it. He knows that Esan trusts Ouyang over him. So what is the point? It is clever.

How do we feel about Zhu and Ma Xingyin getting married?

That was also clearly coming though I didn’t expect it so soon. Zhu needs that marriage for political navigation and Ma needs the protection. But Zhu also has very personal reasons. She is absolutely crushing on Ma and that is why she put this in motion so quickly. It will be interesting to see how Ma will influence her and how Zhu will deal with the backlash of that. Zhu has clear intentions that she doesn’t share. And Xu Da is content just following Zhu but Ma won’t be.

What are our thoughts on Zhu believing she had entered the spirit world and the ghosts asking “who are you?”

Hmm I do wonder what it means. Especially since the Prince of Radiance knows that she can see the ghosts. But we also get so little on it. I find it a bit frustrating to be honest.

We need to talk about that duel with Zhu and Ouyang! How awesome was that?!

Yeah I’m calling that stupid. Zhu should have never gone into that. She underestimated Ouyang immensely.

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