Ten Books I Loved and Need to Own the Physical Copy Of | #TopTenTuesday 341

I’ve been reading a lot of ebooks in the last few years. Some are E Arcs, others are ebooks I bought. In some cases though I love those books so much I would love to add them to my physical book shelves. So I’m using todays Top Ten Tuesday topic (as always hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) of bookish wishes to share those books with you. They are certainly on my wishlist!

The Witness for the Dead | The Grief of Stones | Payback’s a Witch | The Undertakers | A Marvellous Light
Under the Whispering Door | The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet | Trail of Lightning | Revenger | The Fever King

41 thoughts on “Ten Books I Loved and Need to Own the Physical Copy Of | #TopTenTuesday 341

  1. I have been in the fence with The Fever King for so long. The cover is obviously dope, but I’m always a little unsure on the plot. I think I’d either love it or be underwhelmed.

    Do you think you’ll re-read any of these books? Those are rare for me! Happy Tuesday!

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      1. After reading this I realized I actually bought a digital copy of The Fever King a long time ago so I guess I have no reason not to try it xD


  2. I’m actually listening to the audio version of Grief of Stones. I like these series. Just weird how the writer veered off from the goblin emperor as a main protagonist to focus on one that originally started out as a secondary one. But Celar Calahar developed into a very colorful and enjoyable protagonist. Albeit seemingly dotted with highly developed deductive capacities, he sometimes just not sees what’s dangling in front of his nose. I found Under the Whispering Door a story with a weak narrative and character arcs too predictable. It didn’t entice me to pick up more of this author. Lately I’m deriving most of my leisure literature from audio books to give my eyes some rest (I’m spending already too much time in front of a screen) and am interested why you would like to have physical copies of those? I rarely return to a novel after I’ve finished it or it must be some work that stimulates my own creativity and those usually belonging to the top 100 of the canon of the world literature, next to a large collection of non-fiction that I frequently consult to connect my artistic activity to the reality. All the rest is in my opinion just shelve filling or ego wall.


    1. Honestly Shaharee you phrase it like a question but it sounds like you are pretty judgy on what I choose to do with my books and money. We all have our own ways of doing things that make us happy.


      1. I just asked a question and you got defensive. Just do as you please, and yes, you can fill up your whole place with books if that’s what you like. Just didn’t get it why people would like to do that. Trophies? Starting a library?


      2. Oh please. Don’t think I didn’t show your comment to others to make sure I wasn’t overreacting. You pulled the I am better than you card in your comment. If you had just asked the question I would have happily answered it but instead you decided you needed to make sure I know you read literature and not-fiction and you think its an ego-wall. If you genuinely wanted to know the answer you wouldn’t have needed to add that.


  3. Ooh, I definitely would love a physical copy for Under The Whispering Door too, as I listened to it on audio and ADORED it. I’m also happy to see you loved A Marvellous Light as that one’s still on my TBR 🙂

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  4. Long Way for sure. I have two copies (I love the UK version) and in fact I seem to prefer the UK version of most of hers. I bet Revenger is nice in physical form too!

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  5. I’ve only heard of two of these, the ones by TJ Klune and Becky Chambers. I’d love to read both of them. The other books on your list sound right up my alley too. I’ve added most of them to my TBR.

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