Playing That Numbers Game 2022

As every year I count my bookshelves and see were it takes me. I actually counted my shelves two months ago or so but never got around to making a blog post about it so here we are.

That tbr number is ridiculous but then I own a ridiculous amount of books anyway. And the unread books are still only around 30%. Yes, I am very good an justificating myself.

6 thoughts on “Playing That Numbers Game 2022

  1. It’s boggling to my mind that you have space for so many books! I’m thrilled to finally have two bookshelves instead of one haha but that’s probably all I’ll get. Impressive inventory skills!

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    1. I have 4 bookshelves 😉 And I’d still like more space but alas that will not happen. My house is only so big haha. Though I do have books outside of the shelves. All around the house really.

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