Show Your Bujo Theme | June 2022

I complete forgot to post this even though I’ve had my bujo spread finished for a while. I even have July finished already and am working on August. I had inspiration and I never know how Summer will go. So I just worked ahead.

For June I was inspired by our many visits to the beach and our collecting of shells. So of course my bujo theme this month is:


Ive been working a lot with Edding Acryl Markers. These are markers that have acryl pain in the markers and it makes working in layers super easy. I’ve been experimenting with them in my bujo because they don’t press through the page. On this front page I worked with those and my water color paints.

On in the same style is this page. I find this one a bit messy. I think I should have used black fineliner and such for the lines like I did on the cover page.

A fun fun shell images and the June tbr. I made a mistake at 7 as you can see but the markers covered that greatly and I could still write over it again.

Not a part of June but I made an extra spread for my bought books and ebooks. Just as an extra tracking way. I color those I read yellow.

7 thoughts on “Show Your Bujo Theme | June 2022

  1. Great bujo theme! The shells look really great—I especially love your June cover page, but they’re all pretty. And the idea of a spread to show your book haul and which ones you’ve read is wonderful! I always have trouble actually remembering to go back and read the books I buy…

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