Seasonal Fears | Book 2 of Alchemical Journeys | ARC Review

Thank you to Netgalley and Tor for the review copy in exchange for an honest review. This does not change my opinion in anyway.

 Book: Seasonal Fears (Alchemical Journeys 2) by Seanan McGuire
Release Date: May 3rd 2022
Tags: Adult | Fantasy | Seasons | Summer | Winter
Trigger/Content Warnings: Murder | Human Experimentations
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Melanie has a destiny, though it isn’t the one everyone assumes it to be. She’s delicate; she’s fragile; she’s dying. Now, truly, is the winter of her soul.

Harry doesn’t want to believe in destiny, because that means accepting the loss of the one person who gives his life meaning, who brings summer to his world.

So, when a new road is laid out in front of them—a road that will lead through untold dangers toward a possible lifetime together—walking down it seems to be the only option.

But others are following behind, with violence in their hearts.

It looks like Destiny has a plan for them, after all….

Seasonal Fears was a long awaited sequel for many Middlegame lovers. I can’t say I was a lover of Middlegame but I certainly enjoyed it for what it was. I’m not sure I can say the same for Seasonal Fears.

The book introduces us Melanie and Harry, childhood sweet hearts. Melanie is seriously ill however, a heart condition. Life seems fairly simple outside of that but when both go down at the football field, a whole new world opens up for them. Possible reincarnations of Summer and Winter and a scheming father.

A lot stands and falls with me when it comes to characters. And in this case I was not grabbed by our two characters. Neither Melanie or Harry grabbed me in anyway. They just kept feeling like these teenage stereotypes of supposed true love. I just didn’t care for either of them and none of the side characters were very interesting.

Even the entry of our Middlegame characters felt stereotypical. They didn’t quite feel like the characters I got to know in the previous book.

The story itself is interesting. Reincarnations of the seasons is a rather interesting take that has always drawn many towards it like elemental magic. That there are many possibilities, and different ones on different continents I like. Different continents have different ways with seasons and if you are going to have human reincarnations it makes sense to deal with that.

However I found the ending itself, the actual choosing of the reincarnations, weak.

10 thoughts on “Seasonal Fears | Book 2 of Alchemical Journeys | ARC Review

    1. I think if you go in with low low expectations it might end up being okay. I read them pretty close to each other and I don’t think that helped.


  1. I’m curious about this one—and will be reading it eventually, since I preordered the ebook—but it never had the same draw to me that Middlegame had. I’m hoping that my low expectations mean I’ve got a better chance to enjoy the book, but we’ll have to see.

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      1. I’m still curious about Seasonal Fears (and any other books McGuire writes in this universe) but Middlegame was such a mind-blowing experience for me that I’m not sure any other books in the series will be able to compare.


  2. I felt the same way about Melanie and Harry… I knew it would be impossible for me to be invested in any new characters as much as I was in Rodger and Dodger, but really, absolutely nothing about the protagonists of SEASONAL FEARS caught my interest.

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