#WyrdandWonder Readalongs Week 4

Oh wow we are already at the very end of the readalongs. And with that we are also close to the end of Wyrd and Wonder. Who else is sad?

But lets not let our tears run too soon. We’ve got some questions to answer.

I really enjoyed rereading The Darkest Part of the Forest and it reminded me again what I liked about the book the first time around. The Summer Tree and I did not get along unfortunately. I just could not connect with our main characters, and even though Dave and his setting saved it a bit, it wasn’t enough. I don’t think I will be continuing on with this series.

1. Paul is now the Lord of the Summer Tree. What do you think this means/ will mean?

I think it will have a lot of meaning. His survival and sacrifice will have meaning in this world full of nudges towards Christianity. He might take on the role of advisor instead of Loren if Aileron lets him. But I also feel that he might take on a role like Jesus. One who will be the voice of reason and see things in a different light. More removed than all those tempers flying around.

2. Each of our grad students has found a role to play in Fionavar, most questionably Jennifer. She asks herself “what was her sin, what had she done” to deserve the terrible TERRIBLE punishment she receives at the hands of Maugrim and his creatures. What are your thoughts and feelings on Jennifer’s plight, and how have you made sense of it within the scope of the story so far?

I hate what happened with Jennifer and I quite frankly skim read it. Of course she has not made any sin. Not with her father and not here with Maugrim. But I wonder why we needed to go there. Did we really need to amplify that he was evil in this way? She means nothing to him. She isn’t of this world. It doesn’t make sense and it was stupid.

3. What did you make of the many events in the throne room, from the assassination attempt to the showdown for the crown?

Hmm. I found it an odd push and shove. From our girl out there trying to kill Diarmuid and he then trying to get into her room later on. Seriously, priorities Diarmuid. The stand off between Diarmuid and Aileron feels off. I am not sure I understand their relationship. Why wouldn’t Aileron go out and find his brother and have this discussion in private first? Why not connect as brothers now that there father is dead?

4. There’s been a surfeit of signs, a plethora of portents in this week’s reading. Now is the time to air your opinions on such things as flying unicorns, getting lost in the woods, the Cave of the Sleepers, magical Horns and unearthed Cauldrons.

I did love the flying unicorn. Why did we not get more of that. The getting lost in the woods was an interesting bit. I’m not sure I got the story on why the woods are evil but okay But interesting that they both had a different perception. And that around the time that Paul survived on the tree the woods seemed to have lost its enchantment.

5. The Dwarves did it, in the darkness, with the Cauldron of Khath Meigol! What do you make of this last-minute revelation? And care to make any predictions on future developments?

Well someone had to. A look into the dwarves instead of a weird black swan and a killing of a group of people would have been a bit more interesting I think. While I won’t be reading on I do hope that there will be a focus towards the dwarves. Clearly they are a divided people since our dwarf king left.

6. Finally, reaction shots on Maugrim the Unraveller – go!

He is a piece of shit.

1. Let’s talk about the reveal of Ainsel’s identity! Did this surprise you?

I mean looking back it makes sense that Ainsel is Hazel. With her hidden self and there really not being any clues there was anyone else in the picture. And to be fair, she really had to be her own ally. There was no way to tell anybody else. Though I would have liked a perspective from knight Hazel somewhere.

2. Regarding Hazel’s plot to outwit the Alderking: do you think this makes sense now that we have the full picture?

I can see why she went with it. What else could she really do? She had to try. It was just too bad that daytime Hazel stayed up a few nights. She didn’t anticipate any problems for daytime Hazel and that was the fault in her plan

3. Team Jack can rest easy! How did you feel about his decision to stay in Fairfold (and defy his Fae mother)?

I understand why he would decide that. A lot of his feelings lay in Fairfold with Hazel. And I think he is also a teenager that is angry with his mother for betraying him. For trying to get him the throne when that was not something he ever aspired. For not accepting him for who he is.

4. Ben gets the happy ending he always wanted, and Hazel becomes a true hero at last. Thoughts and feelings?

I am happy for them. I’m happy that he talked with Hazel about their time in the city and what his hurting himself really meant. What really happened from his side so Hazel gets a better perspective. Hazel gets to go home and figure out what she wants. Whether that is being an actual kind of knight or something completely different. Ben is going to figure out what his musical powers can really do and how he can control it. And smooch. A whole lot of smooching I suspect with Severin. Which is nice. I am happy for him. And Jack gets to have a bit more control again, to be himself, even if nobody else gets him.

5. (Bonus question) Overall, how do you feel about the ending, and about the pacing of these final chapters compared to the rest of the book?

The pacing jumped a bit there because we got knight Hazel but because we don’t get her perspective, we just jump from home to the fae court. And that didn’t feel quite right. But otherwise I was pleased.

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