Two Fantasy Animated Shows You Need to Watch | #WyrdandWonder

Merijn has been branching out from Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig in recent months (thank heaven) and there have been two shows we have been watching together on Disney. Its been a bit of a relief that he is moving to series with a bit more story. I mean Paw Patrol is fine and he still likes it. But more lengthy stories are making its way to the front in his watching life.

And since it is fantasy, and I like them both, I decided to share them with you all.

The first show is Amphibia. It follows Anne who, with two of her friends, is transported through a music box to the land of Amphibia. She lands without her friends but soon meets the Plantar family in the rural area filled with frogs.

When I first saw bits of Amphibria I really didn’t think much off it. Anne looks so weird with the one shoe lost and leaves in her hair. And then the frogs and toads. But when I saw more of it with Merijn I saw that there is actually a surprising amount of depth in this series. Honestly the season 2 finale had me nearly crying.

It is about being who you are. The plantar family are also a bit of the odd ones out in their village and with Anne even more so. But as much as the village complains about them, they also accept them and miss them when they travel in season 2. Anne starts looking back at who she is and what her friendships were really like. And realizing not all of it was very healthy. And the creating of a new family with new people.

I haven’t watched season 3 yet but it will happen.

The next one is The Owl House who I have mentioned before in wrap up posts. It follows Luz who gets send away to a math summer camp after a disasterous book report at school. But when her favorite book gets stolen by a weird little owl she follows it to an old shack in the woods. She goes through the door which is a portal to The Boiling Isles. A twisted little island with all kinds of magic. Luz always wanted to become a magician so instead of heading back she decides to stay with the witch Eda and the demon King.

I really love this show for the characters. I fell in love with the trio that is Luz, King and Eda. They each have so much depth and things and yet also embrace some of the stereotypes that they are. It is funny, whimsical and warm.

There is also diversity. It is very clear that Amity develops a crush on Luz. So that is Disney’s first F/F in a kids show like this. And there is a same sex couple as parents for one of Luzs friends. I haven’t seen that yet because I have only seen season 1.

Have you seen any of these two shows? Did you like them?

3 thoughts on “Two Fantasy Animated Shows You Need to Watch | #WyrdandWonder

  1. The Owl House sounds fabulous! I wish I was still babysitting, although those munchkins would be too old for it now. When the pandemic is solidly over, maybe I get some new munchkins to look after and I can watch it with them. 🦉

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