#WyrdandWonder Readalons Week 3

O my gosh can you belive we are already at 75% with both The Summer Tree and The Darkest Part of the Forest! And that I have actually been keeping up. This month has been so weird. But I am still organized. Sort off.

Thank you to Ari and BKFRGR for the questions this week.

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We’ve seen some extreme behaviour – we learn that Galadan wants to unravel the world because it witnessed his rejection. Ysanne’s sacrifice takes her out of the Tapestry entirely. What were your reactions to these and other character motivations?

Boohoo poor Galadan. If that isnt the worst reason to ever want to unravel a world so many freaking years after it happened. Man Baby. I had higher expectations of him after seeing him in week 2. I find Ysanne’s sacrifice very frustrating. She leaves Kim to figure it all out on her own. Yes that isn’t a way to disaster I’m sure.

I understand why Kevin choose not to run to the tree to drag Paul off it. Paul did make his own choice. And sometimes you have to deal with those consequences.

And speaking of sacrifice, Paul has spent his final night on the Summer Tree and all his defences have been stripped. How are you feeling towards Paul now and what do you think might happen to him next? Rereaders – do you remember your first reactions to this?

I do not care so much for the characters in these books so I really don’t have a lot of emotional response to it. I guess the part that he admitted to is the part that he hadn’t shared with anyone else. I don’t know. I feel it is reaching into the backstory from the author. Not so much the accident or Pauls’ guilt. But the whole her going to marry someone else just like that. Like I’m sorry, wasn’t she in a relationship with Paul? How does that work? No real explanations on that front. I’m just finding it hard to believe.

Alongside (or because of?) Paul’s time on the Summer Tree, some cosmic forces seem to be moving in Fionavar again. Last week we talked about prophecy, but how do you feel about the role of deities and mythology in the book?

I mean Gods and Deities are often a given in fantasy worlds not our own. A lot of the books I’ve been reading this month talk about gods or fallen angels or something to do with religion or mythology. Fantasy takes a lot of inspiration from that end. I don’t have a strong feeling towards them in this book. They are so in the background compared to some other books.

We have (officially) met the banished prince Aileron! Impressions? And does his presence and return to court give us any further insight into the politics of Brennin?

Mr. Grump. I will probably like him. I tend to go for the grumpy princes. Though I didn’t appreciate how he bitched to Kim a few times. There is of course going to be a whole lot of political schemings now that the king is dead and Aileron returns. How will Darmuith react? How will that slimy ex advisor whose name I can’t remember slime his way? And the priestess is obviously up to a whole lot of no good. What side is she really on?

At last, Dave has returned to grace the pages! His absence has caused much speculation, but how do you feel about him now that we know what he’s been up to?

Out of the world that clearly puts a lot on his shoulders, this whole epic fantasy world seems to have relaxed him quite considerably. Ironic isn’t it. I’m curious to see how his side of the story will play out in the grand scheme of things. And I like Torc and the tribe he came into.

1. Our Knight and her company have encountered the monster from the heart of the woods and learnt her stories. Thoughts? Feelings?

Ah poor Sorol. I always feel for her. Her closest family member killing the one person she truly loves. Of course her heart is broken. Grief is consuming her.

2. “You always knew this was real, didn’t you? … How can you stand it?” Let’s talk a bit more about that “double consciousness” hmm?

It is interesting to note that not everyone in town seems to really believe that the fae exist which I think is a bit strange when you have a fae prince in a casket in your town, but who am I? People like to question everything I guess. With everything ‘safe’ it probably seemed safer to not believe in it all.

And I think deep down Hazel’s friend of course knew it was real. But she choose actively to not believe. But like I said it was safer to not believe. Because what does that say about the world she lives in? Like I touched upon in week 1, who is really the bad guy when the town sacrifices the tourists for their own safety? And what does it say about what is outside of their little town borders.

3. We need to talk about Jack, like, right now! How do you feel about his position in Fairfold? Care to make any predictions about how his story might wrap up? (Do you think Jack can have a happy ending?)

Ah I like Jack so much. He definitely needs a happy ending (preferably with Hazel lol).

I think it is so unfair of the towns people to blame Jack and his family for what is happening. How about looking at yourself. What did they think was going to happen by living in that place? It was a risk they all took. They could have all moved. I haven’t read about any clause that is keeping them there. Love how much his family has completely embraced Jack.

4. Be careful what you wish for! Hazel IS a knight, just as she always dreamed. And it looks like Ben’s dreams might be coming true too, regards a certain pretty prince. Let’s discuss wish fulfillment and the Folk

O absolutely be careful what you wish for. Even more so in Hazel’s case it seems. Her wanting to be a knight, having dreams of the prince. None of it is the way she wanted it to be at all. Striking a bargain for Ben’s dream didn’t quite work out either and something she accidentally stomped on.

Wishes never turn out the way you want them to. The grass looks always greener on the other side. And the folk know how to play with that. Of course they aren’t going to give you your hearts desire exactly. What would be the fun in that?

10 thoughts on “#WyrdandWonder Readalons Week 3

  1. Welcome to #TeamGrump 💝

    I find the reveal about Rachel shocking but not unbelievable – we’re shown so very little before this, she’s just the super talented, super nice, beautiful girl who died; but we do see how Paul is both clever and insightful but distant and at times confrontational. I can see how he would be easy to fall in love with but difficult to live with 😉

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