Top 5 Books with Spirit of Nature | #TropeTuesday | #TopTenTuesday | #WyrdandWonder

We’ve hit about the middle of May and Wyrd and Wonder is still going strong. As is my intention to use the trope tuesday prompts from our photo challenge for Top Ten Tuesday (as always hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl). Have not heard about Wyrd and Wonder before and want to know more? Click here.

Today the prompt is Spirit of Nature and that one was a hard nut to crack. How many books with spirits of nature or deities do we really see in books? I settled on the next 5 books. Do you have any more?

The Others | Silver in the Wood | Tiffany Aching | Trail of Lightning | Tea Dragon Festival

31 thoughts on “Top 5 Books with Spirit of Nature | #TropeTuesday | #TopTenTuesday | #WyrdandWonder

  1. There are a lot of poetry books out there that are about nature. Then books like Watership down that are nature centric.

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  2. I just finished An Arrow to the Moon by Emily XR Pan which has a moon goddess and a celestial being or two in it, though it’s a little weird for this prompt because for the majority of the book they’re just normal high school students (as far as they know). Maybe that would count though?

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  3. Oh, dat lijkt me inderdaad een moeilijke. Het enige dat me zo meteen te binnen schiet is de Weather Warden reeks van Rachel Caine. Die liggen al een hele tijd op me te wachten maar ik ben er nog steeds niet aan toegekomen.

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