#WyrdandWonder Readalongs Week 2

It is Saturday once again and it is time to take a look back at the readalong books and answer some questions.

I very much was captivated by The Dominion of the Fallen books by Alliette de Bodard so I really had to force myself to pick up somethign else inbetween. Once you are in a binge it is hard to break it.

TW: There is talk of self-sacrifice/suicide

Week 1 |

1) There was a little confusion last week on whether chapter six was supposed to be included, so let’s explore this one first. We discussed the Pervy Prince last week – would you like to weigh in on his antics across the border?

I’m not quite sure where his antics will lead or what his purpose is. He certainly seems to have an agenda with the girl. And yet he also has let the males at court know that Jennifer is off limits. Which I feel just as infuriated by.

2) We’re a sizable step into the story now, so how are we all finding the pacing?

I’m not happy with the pacing. I feel like we get yanked around in time. We get a bit on Loren but then get yanked back to Jennifer. And before, Kim and Paul and Kevin were in line with each other so why not the rest too. The chapters are too long, especially this round.

3) Loren continues his mysterious antics, have your opinions about him shifted at all? Or is there a certain other mage you’re now more concerned about?

No because we barely got anything on him at all this round though keeping us in the dark on Loren does annoy me.

4) Between the children’s game and Kim’s dream, not to mention Ysanne’s mutterings to herself, prophecy is a key element weaving through this story. What are your reactions to the various foretellings thus far?

I have to say that I found the prophecy pick with the children and Finn the most interesting. I really wonder how he will fit into the story. He has to as he was quite emphasized on. And what is the long road?

Kim’s dreams feel more distorted and easily misinterpreted. Right now not a lot is coming from it either. There is a lot of background attached to it but since we are just as new to this world as Kim it just doesn’t quite mean as much to us as it does to Ysanne.

5) Let’s address the massive sacrificial magical tree in the room – would you have offered yourself in Paul’s shoes?

No or course not. Paul is a pained soul and is still acting from a point of grief. They should have never have let him sacrifice himself and I am quite unhappy with this storyline. (I also have a family history about suicide and this triggers quite a bit).

6) There were two pretty major battles this week. The lios alfar were slaughtered by Galadan, and Paul witnessed a truly moving fight between Galadan and his mysterious canine protector. What were your reactions?

I’m saddened about the Lio Alfar. They seemed like a good and kind people. But I also thought they were stronger. That they were slaughtered like that didn’t feel fitting at all. As with the other fight I wonder about the mysterious canine protector and why Paul felt like he had to make that promise to it.

7) There’s still no sign of Dave! First time readers – any theories? Revisitors, do you recall if you had any opinions on this before?

I really wonder why this choice was made? Has he been knocked-out all this time or has he been imprisoned?

1. We’ve seen a bit more of Hazel in this next section, as well as brief points of view from Ben and Jack. How are we feeling towards this trio and their dynamics?

I find them quite interesting. There seems to be a gap between Jack and Hazel though they seem quite drawn to each other. I’m glad to see that what happened with Ben, Hazel and the bf in the city hasn’t completely destroyed any love between the two siblings. The friendship between Ben and Jack seems to be true.

2. On the topic of dynamics, what do we think of the siblings now that we’ve seen a bit more of Ben and Hazel’s history? Do you think they can come out of everything that’s happening with an intact relationship?

I do think they can but they do have to start talking more. Hazel going to the moon dance thing without Ben is not a good call and she might be burning a few bridges right there.

3. We have finally caught a glimpse of the Horned Prince, Severin. What are first impressions, and what do you think his story and intentions might be?

Well I’m certain for right now he just wants to stay alive. And he needs the sword to do that. After that he might want to deal with how he got put in that casket on public display for all the humans. But yeah I think I will like Severin. He has no qualms on telling people what is up like with Hazel and he will use whatever he can to get his way in these first moments that he is trying to get his bearing in this new world since waking up. It certainly is nothing like when he went to sleep. I do find it interesting he heard Hazel and Ben. Did he hear everyone or was he selective in what he remembered?

4. “The city’s a lot like the deep, dark fairy-tale woods of Fairfold, right?” Ben asks Hazel in a flashback scene. What do you make of this comparison and its implications?

I think that Ben was a lot younger and was trying to keep a connection going, knowing that it would be hard on Hazel in the city. But they survived that, fighting, so they could totally survive the city.

I don’t think its an odd comparison. Some cities clearly have a darker side to them and there is often a divide between the rich and the poor. And the tourists that visit are fair game. Just like Fairfold. It is certainly a place that can feel like survival.

13 thoughts on “#WyrdandWonder Readalongs Week 2

  1. Good point about whether Severin could hear everyone, I hadn’t thought of that! It would certainly help him to become oriented in this new world if he remembers the passing of time… I look forward to seeing more of him!

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