#WyrdandWonder Readalongs Week 1

To make my life a little easier I’ve decided to combine the readalong posts for both readalongs on Saturday. There is only so much of me and only so much time in a week, haha.

1) How are you reading along with us? Is this a first time or a reread? Show us your book cover!

This is the cover that my book has. I love the prettiness of the letters, the blue color and the figures in the back. It really grabs your attention. I’m reading along with an ebook and it is my first time. I hadn’t really heard about this book before Imyril picked it as the readalong book.

2) The prose style is as distinctive as calling the prologue an overture. How are you finding it?

I’m not very impressed at the moment. I’m struggling to really be grabbed by it as a whole. Some of the chapters are really long and others are short.

3) Each visitor gets a little moment to define them before they arrive in Fionavar. What are your first impressions of our travellers? Any you particularly like or dislike?

The moments before they went through the portal I felt most of the characters were still a little flat. I do have to say that I didn’t care much for Dave.

4) …and what do you make of the characters and politics of Paras Derval?

I find the characters that we meet at Paras Derval a bit more interesting like Diarmuid and his father. There is a lot to discover there and they clearly have a lot to come on their path.

5) The obvious question: would you accept Loren’s invitation? Given the reception from Diarmuid and Gorlaes, would you regret it?

Probably not. I could not leave my son like that, even if it truly was only for 2 weeks (which I highly doubt).

6) How/Do you judge Loren for keeping so many secrets from the visitors?

At this point I am reserving judgement because I really don’t know what he is all keeping a secret and why.

7) There is a lot of worldbuilding so far! Intriguing or overwhelming? Anything standing out for you?

A little overwhelming in places but I started enjoying the book a lot more once we got more world building so mostly I am happy. There are just a whole lot of names and places to remember at the moment while we take stops each week. So it will be harder to remember who is who in the minor character departments. But that is just the way it is with big fantasy.

I read The Darkest Part of the Forest back in 2016. So this is my reread. I can’t say I remember very many details. Just the creepy feeling of the fae.

Q1: All is fair in Fairfold… or is it? What are your thoughts on the way of life in this particular bubble? What do you make of the folk of Fairfold, both Fair and mundane?

I always thought it was such an interesting way to introduce the magical bits to us through the changeling Jack. It is an interesting bubble to see how the fae aren’t suppose to touch the towns people but the tourists are free game. It is an awkward balance. And then the horned prince. And yet it crosses over a little with Hazel’s brother and changeling Jack.

Q2: We need to talk about Hazel. How much impending trouble do you think our ‘hero’ is about to get into? Also: how much of that trouble do you think she’s going to be responsible for?

Oh she is going to be responsible for all of it I just know it. Her impulsiveness and need to do right by her brother.

Q3: Parenthood Speaking of Hazel, let’s talk about her and Ben’s parents. Are they simply misguided romantics, or do you think they’re Bad Parents?

Difficult. We haven’t really seen enough of them to judge just now. They seem to be taken up completely by their craft and that doesn’t have to be wrong. But we shall see in the rest of the book how they turn out.

15 thoughts on “#WyrdandWonder Readalongs Week 1

  1. “The fae aren’t supposed to touch the towns people but tourists are fair game” OMG this. It says so much, and not just about the fae but about the townsfolk who take this view. Oh, you’re an outsider? Sorry, you’re on your own. If the fae are perhaps not the best neighbours to really live alongside, then somehow I don’t think the mundane folk here are either…

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