Firsts of 2022

Back in March I saw Tammy from Books, Bones and Buffy do this First of 2022 post. It was first created by Tanya from girlxoxo. Go check out both Tammy and Tanya who are both lovely people.

After reading Tammy’s post I thought it was a nice way to look back on the first few months. Life just seems to blow on by in these first few months so taking a look back is always a good thing then.

First Book Read in 2022

A Letter to Three Witches by Elizabeth Bass

My first read was an arc. It was an okay read for the most part. You can read my review here.

First Review Posted in 2022

First Book of 2022 by a Debut Author

Apparently I have not read any 2022 debuts yet. Maybe from other years but I can’t quite tell.

First Book of 2022 by a New to Me Author

Since I already mentioned Elizabeth Bass I am going with Kate Elliott. I’ve heard great things about her writing but hadn’t read anything by her before this book. It wasn’t quite my thing as you can read in my review but I still want to try some of her other books.

First Self-Published Book of 2022

Nothing self-published yet but I have a few on my reading list for this year. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

First Book of 2022 That Slayed Me

First book that was a 5 star read was Lake Silence, a reread so I’ll for the non reread first and that was Jade Legacy. What other book could it be? The whole trilogy is absolutely slaying. You can read m review here.

First Book of 2022 That I Wish I Could Get Back the Time I Spent Reading It

My first DNF of the year was The Battle of the Linguist Mages unfortunately. It really didn’t work for me and I wish I’d spend the time reading a different book’s 100 pages.

9 thoughts on “Firsts of 2022

  1. This sounds like a fun look-back post! I don’t know that I would be able to find books for all of the prompts either, though… I know I’ve read at least one self-published book this year, but I don’t think I’ve read any debuts.

    I was so excited about the Battle of the Linguist Mages, but after all the reviews I’ve seen about it, I’m not so sure now. I’ll still read it eventually, but my expectations are so much lower. (Actually, that might end up being in the book’s favor. Hmm.)

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    1. I think that might be very big in its favor. Yeah sometimes its hard to fill in all the prompts. I don’t always keep track of debuts or self-published books.


      1. I do usually try to track debuts, but sometimes that gets confusing. Publishers have been using “middle grade debut” or “adult debut” to hype up an author who’s writing for a new audience but isn’t an actual debut author, and sometimes I lose track. The only actual debut authors that I can think of are for books I DNFed this year, so I can’t count them.


  2. Oh, die is leuk. Ik ga hem alvast opslagen. Nu nog even achterhalen wat mijn paswoord was want ik kan momenteel (net een nieuwe laptop) je blogposts niet leuk vinden. Edit … dat is ondertussen gelukkig alvast weer in orde. Hopelijk lukt het me nu ook terug om een reactie achter te laten.

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