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List Them Right There | #TopFiveSaturday | #WyrdandWonder edition

Wyrd and Wonder is going into its fifth year this May and to bring you all some early joy and excitement we are doing loads of things ahead of time. Like on our Instagram. Have you checked it out yet?

Every Saturday until May either Jorie or I will bring you a top 5 with previous posts from Wyrd and Wonder. Jorie will be focusing on previous posts from us hosts and I will be going through the masterlists of previous years to pick a few out from our participants. I won’t be able to share everything. Wish I could. But we will try and share some more through Twitter!

Jorie’s post: The Power of Five Share a Fantasy Grab-Bag | The Power of Five Explore the Road Less Travelled | The Power of Five Travel Through Fantasy

Masterlists from Previous Years
2018 | 2019 | 2020 | 2021

5 Fantasies That Deal with Mental Health Disorders

Lila from Hardcover Haven shares 5 fantasies that deal with mental health disorders. As someone with depression this is very important. Mental health disorders shouldn’t just be appearing in contemporary books or as some plot device.

Where My Centaurs At

Jess from Jessticulates wonders where her centaurs are at. Which is a good question because where are the centaurs? She shares some of the books she’s read with centaurs as well.

Three Interesting Magic Systems

Anouk from Time for Tales and Tea shares three books with interesting magic systems.

6 Great Standalone Fantasy Novels

Beth from Beth’s Bookish Thoughts shares some great fantasy standalone. Which is great because the fantasy section is often overrun by all those trilogies and longer series. Finding a book that is just one story and where you don’t have to wait on the ending are great breaks of fresh air.

Foreign & Translated SFF Works: A Rec List

And in the mean time Lexilingua organized a list of books that were published outside of the US/UK. Which is important. We get more cultures and ideas and visions if there are also books available from other countries.

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