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Wyrd and Wonder is Coming Nearer | Five Years of #WyrdandWonder

It is March 5th so we of the Wyrd and Wonder Team are appearing back into your feed with another announcement post. This time we will be sharing a bit more information on what will be going on this coming May.

But just in case you haven’t heard of Wyrd and Wonder before and/or missed the first announcement here is a bit of information.

First Announcement Post

What is Wyrd and Wonder?

Wyrd and Wonder is a fun and interactive event that reoccurs every May that focuses on Fantasy. The tag line isn’t Celebrate the Fantastic for nothing. We will appear through blogs and social media on your feeds with all the fantasy we can join together. Anyway you devour fantasy is welcomed, wether this is through consuming books, tv shows, movies, video games or even board games. Do you write fantasy or create art on your blog or website? Or do you love to blog about fantasy? Do you take photos? Or just love to chat about fantasy? Come join us. All celebrations of fantasy are valid for us.


Imyril from There Is Always Room for One More | Twitter | Insta
Lisa from Dear Geek Place | Twitter | Insta
Jorie from Jorie Loves a Story | Twitter
Ariana from The Book Nook | Twitter | Insta
Annemieke from A Dance with Books | Twitter | Insta | Insta

If you know you are going to be ready then you can sign-up here. But no rush. We will appear with the sign-up link and reminders of Wyrd and Wonder frequently!

Pre-Content on Blogs and Instagram

You might have already seen it pass you by on your insta feed or on your blog feed but we are doing some pre-content for Wyrd and Wonder. We’re so excited that this this is the 5th year.

Jorie and I will be bringing you Top 5 Saturday Wyrd and Wonder edition posts. Jorie will be focusing on sharing top 5 from past W&W from us hosts. And I am focusing on sharing some posts from previous W&W from you all. Our first posts for that are already up!

Jorie | Annemieke

As for instagram, Ariana created a shiny new instagram account for all our exploits to be brought to wyrd and wonder. Both Ariana and I will be posting and responding on instagram. We are posting pre-content on there too by introducing us as hosts.

Daily Prompts

As per usual there will be a daily prompts list. You can use these as a photo challenge as will we over on instagram. But you can also use these prompts to post a blog posts with or as some have done in the past, use it as a kind of booktag. There is no right or wrong here. You can find more explanation per prompt in the 2022 master list. But mostly these are all very wide open in interpretation.

May 1Best Laid PlainsMay 17#TropeTuesday
Spirit of Nature
May 2Can’t Wait to ReadMay 18Fantasy Landscapes
May 3#TropeTuesday
Enchanted Wood
May 19More Than Meets the Eye
May 4Woodland CreaturesMay 20Dark
May 55 Star Fantasy Reads May 21#StackSaturday
May 6MythicMay 22Bite-Size Delight
May 7Say What?May 23Book Rainbow
May 8Undergods May 24#TropeTuesday
Forest Guardian
May 9#MapMonday May 25Love it or Loathe it
May 10#TropeTuesday
Don’t Leave the Path
May 26#ThrowbackThursday
May 11Weapon of ChoiceMay 27Portal Fantasy
May 12Step Into Another’s ShoesMay 28Imaginary Verse
May 13EpicMay 29Spine Poetry
May 14A Book within a BookMay 30Wyrd and Wonderful
May 15#ShelfieSundayMay 31Fave Wyrd&Wonder Read
May 16Current Read

Weekly Top Fives

New are the weekly top fives! We have 5 Sundays in May and since W&W exists 5 years this May we might as well celebrate with an extra bang.

Every Sunday the hosts will be posting their response to the prompts. Everyone joining in can also post on Sunday or any other day of the week. We’re sticking to Sunday because that is easier on us but post on whatever day works for you if you want to join in on the fun!

May 1 Top 5 Books We Read Since Last W&W
Top 5 Books You Read During Previous Wyrd&W
May 8Top 5 Forest Fantasy Recs
May 15Top 5 Books Featuring our W&W Mascots
Dragon, Phoenix, Pegasus, Wolf, Raven
May 22Top 5 Single Serve Fantasy
Short fiction, Novella etc
May 29Top 5 From a Fantasy Subgenre


It wouldn’t be Wyrd and Wonder without one of our hosts, hosting a readalong. This year (for now anyway) there will be 2 readalongs. Both books will work great with our Forest Fantasy theme.

Imyril will be doing a readalong for The Summer Tree by Guy Gavriel Kay.
Lisa will be doing a readalong for The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black.

More information on both readalongs will be posted in April!

Master Schedule

And the trusty master schedule is back! You can find it here. If you are already planning ahead of time don’t hesitate to let us know through the master schedule. And don’t forget to drop in your (pre-scheduled) link so we can come and visit you!

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    1. Yeay. Absolutely not nessecary to be on instagram. And if you find the daily prompts interesting you can totally do it as a kind of book tag. Or maybe even just the one prompt. We are wide open for whatever way the things we offer will be interpreted 😀


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