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Lets Gear Up | Magical Readathon

Last year I partcipated in the renewal of the magial readathon by Book Roast over on Youtube. We got an introduction onto the novice path that will lead us to the Academy. This March she is hosting a week long readathon where we can choose our counduit and legacy.

But first lets go back to some of the previous choices we had to make. After the readathon I didn’t actually pay a lot of attention to picking a guild or the character creation prompts. So I’m going to jump into that first.

Character Creation Prompts

I have chosen to be Annemieke, a novice from Darkmeadow. As an iltirian I find the books and texts very important and it is one of my passions for studying. I live on the edge of the Iltirian society with my family, considered a wildling versus living in one of the more urban parts of the underground of Darkmeadow. Dwarfs are no strangers to us. I have an affinity for shapeshifting (cat), creating illusions and blood magic. That last is why we live more on the edge of our people.

WildlingRead a book largely set in a forest/outsideBurn Bright
DarkmeadowRead a dark academiaThe Last Graduate
IltirianBook with a crow on the cover/title or a red bookA Christmas Carol


During the novice path the guilds kept a close eye on my choices. It was a close call between House of the Arcane or The Order of the Crescent. But in the end the wildling in me came above. Having lived most of my life underground has made me appreciate nature and all it brings even more so.

I have accepted the invitations from The Order of the Crescent.

Counduits and Legacy | The Mini Readathon

And now for the mini readathon. We are meant to read two books for two prompts that can and are connected to our guild.

QuarterstaffBook That is Part of a Quarter
Familiar (Meerkat)Pick an animal familiar and read a book with it on the cover/title/story/etc

Lets see if I can manage this!

4 thoughts on “Lets Gear Up | Magical Readathon

  1. Ik loop weer overal een beetje achteraan. Ik had de video gezien, maar nog niet echt de tijd genomen om het grondig te bekijken. Ik ben wel een beetje terughoudend over een week-readathon, omdat dit me veel druk lijkt, maar gelukkig is het allemaal heel losjes en kan ik vroeger of later een passend boek lezen. Gezien ik weer in vertraging ben, wordt dit waarschijnlijk later, lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ja zoals altijd is het lekker losjes en het zijn maar 2 boeken. Ik heb vaak genoeg gezien dat er week readathons waren waar je 7 prompts waren. Vroeger deed ik daar ook aan mee maar dat kan ik nu echt niet meer. Andere verantwoordelijkheden.


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