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Bring on the Discussions Part 1 | #TopFiveSaturday | #WyrdandWonder edition

Wyrd and Wonder is going into its fifth year this May and to bring you all some early joy and excitement we are doing loads of things ahead of time. Like on our Instagram. Have you checked it out yet?

Every Saturday until May either Jorie or I will bring you a top 5 with previous posts from Wyrd and Wonder. Jorie will be focusing on previous posts from us hosts and I will be going through the masterlists of previous years to pick a few out from our participants. I won’t be able to share everything. Wish I could. But we will try and share some more through Twitter!

Jorie’s post: The Power of Five Share a Fantasy Grab-Bag

Masterlists from Previous Years
2018 | 2019 | 2020 | 2021

Kit from Metaphors and Moonlight jumped into the Portrayal of Supernatural Creatures back in 2018. As They rightly points out supernatural creatures aren’t real. And with the caveat when certain legends and portrayals are attached to cultures, it shouldn’t be a problem to change bits and pieces of supernatural creatures in modern literature.

In Defence of Romance

In 2019 Kathy from Pages Below the Vaulted Sky came to the defence of romance in fantasy. As someone who had a period of not appreciating romance in fantasy to having come to appreciate it a bit more, I quite appreciate this post. Because regardless of your own preferences you don’t have to make others feel bad for it. So jump into this well written post.

What is Fantasy?

In the mean time Brittany from Perfectly Tolerable wonders what is fantasy in 2019. How is it being defined and how does she define it.

In 2020 Sia from Every Book a Doorway wrote a very personal post about why fantasy means so much to her. I can only admire her for having the courage to write a post like this. Please do be aware of the trigger warnings she put above her post.

Imagining the Improbable

Wandering Lynn from Wandering Lynn also talks about what fantasy means to her and how she defines it. How genres cross borders.

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