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Destigmatizing Conversations Around Mental Health | Guest Post by Jacque Aye

On occasion I get some very interesting review requests in my inbox. I can’t review everything and sometimes I don’t match with the kind of book. But regardless there are sometimes books that I still want to support in a different ways. Which is the case with The Magical Girls Guide to Life by Jacque Aya. While I didn’t think I was the right person to review the book I still wanted to carve a spot on the blog for this author.

So today Jacque Aye joins us to talk about Destigmatinging mental health. Enjoy and please check out her book and social media information at the end of the blog post.

Destigmatizing Conversations Around Mental Health

Nothing is scarier than suffering in silence.

For years I let my Anxiety monster isolate me from my friends and family. When they’d ask, “What’s wrong?” I wouldn’t answer. I’d only shake my head or look away. I was embarrassed that my anxiety had made me a recluse. And every day that I struggled, my depression grew stronger, morphing from a tiny seed into a wild, twisted weed.

Luckily, I was able to speak up, just not in the way I ever expected. While I was still technically alone, I found comfort in online spaces. I’d write my feelings out on the digital pages of my blog. There, I felt safe, and I felt heard for the first time in a long time. I opened up about struggling with anxiety, and not fitting in in my midwestern town. I shared things I loved that I’d kept secret up until then, like anime. And the more I shared, the larger and more supportive my online community grew. It was truly magical. Kind of like when one-by-one Usagi met her fellow Sailor Scouts.

I can say that magical girls have had a huge impact on me, and how I see the world. Once I really tapped into the messages they were sending, I saw my world transform around me. The power of friendship and empathy stayed with me even when I was holed up in my room shaking from anxiety. I just had to battle my own monster-of-the-week to truly embrace my magical girl aura. My battle looked like continuing to show up, even when my anxiety told me I was inadequate. It was remaining open to making friends even through the fear of rejection. It was getting up whenever I was knocked down by depression.

Over the years I’ve learned to speak up and speak out in my real life, as well as online. And to my surprise, almost everyone in my life embraced me when I was feeling my worst. Now, when I’m asked “What’s wrong?”, I can answer. I have the words to describe what I’m feeling and what I need. Although my Anxiety monster is still in my life, he doesn’t have nearly as much power over me. And this is due to the power of speaking up. The power of friendship. And the power of love.

It’s so important that we continue to destigmatize conversations around mental health. The biggest part of suffering is shame. And without shame, so many more people would be better equipped to battle their monsters.

Author Information

Jacque Aye is a therapist-in-training and “Head Magical Girl” of the Adorned by Chi lifestyle brand. Since launching Adorned by Chi in 2015, Jacque has grown her business tremendously, racking in 6-figure sales within the first two years of operation and a development deal within the first five. Adorned by Chi has also worked with the likes of Sanrio, collaborating on a collection for their Small Business, Big Smile initiative. As a leader in the manga and anime space, Jacque has grown her small tight knit community into one that boasts over 100,000 magical beings across social media. She is a vocal supporter of mental health awareness and self-care amongst Black women, and advocates for those suffering from social anxiety. In 2020, Adorned by Chi was able to donate $10,000 to the Loveland Foundation. She is the author of The Magical Girls Guide to Life.

Find her on Instagram.

Book Information

Title: The Magical Girl’s Guide to Life by Jacque Aye
Release Date: December 21st 2021

Transform into your most magical self with this one-of-a-kind, manga inspired self-care guide designed to help you discover and harness your inner power- anime style!

Inspired by the wand-wielding, crime-fighting magical girls in your favorite animes and mangas, The Magical Girl’s Guide to Life teaches you how your self-care journey starts by uncovering the magical girl within.

With fun exercises, journal prompts, and personality tests, you’ll quickly learn everything you need to know about your magical girl self, including your magical girl name, what type of power you possess, and what cute companion will perfectly complement your magical girl journey. Once your magical girl identity is locked in, you’ll learn how to take on the world and continue your self-growth by:
Discovering your magical girl gang Punching fear in the face/defining your monster Developing your magical girl beauty routine Finding love after fighting crime And more!

With gorgeous illustrations and entertaining animated characters, The Magical Girl’s Guide to Life reveals how self-love, sisterhood, and magic go together. Perfect for fans of anime and manga like Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and more!

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