Three Reasons to Read Mating the Huntress | Book Review

When you are looking for books to read for the Pondathon, and many bloggers happen to share lists for it, sometimes you stumble on an unknown beauty. Meet Mating the Huntress by Talia Hibbert and the three reasons I think you should read it.

There is Heartwarming and Biting Humor.

The one thing that will always make me recommend a book, humor. I especially love humor between people when it feels real. That heartwarming feel between siblings and family members that is tinted with all that knowledge and emotions towards one another. But there is also that biting snipey humor between two people who used it to protect themselves. Humor that shifts into something else.

There is Consent in a Werewolf True Mate world

I love the werewolf world and I do like the idea of the one true mate in it. But sometimes that can be a bit dubious in the consent department. There is a very clear line here about consent and about what someone wants and giving people time.

It Is a Novella with Great Worldbuilding.

It is a novella so not that very long but it does great in the world building for its length. It makes me want to figure out more about Chastity’s family but also the world for Luke.

Book: Mating the Huntress (Monsters and Mates 1) by Talia Hibbert
Release Date: October 1st 2018
Tags: Adult Fantasy | Paranormal Romance | Werewolves | Werewolf Hunters | POC MC
Trigger/Content Warnings: Sexual Content

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-atribuut; de bestandsnaam is synopsis-draken.png

Chastity Adofo knows a monster when she sees one. As soon as Luke Anthony wanders into her family’s coffee shop, she recognises the evil lurking beneath his charming smile and fantastic arse. The handsome werewolf is determined to have her—but she’s determined to cut out his heart.

Little does she know, Luke’s plans for her are far more pleasurable than murder. And when the full moon rises, all bets are off…

5 thoughts on “Three Reasons to Read Mating the Huntress | Book Review

  1. Thanks for those three reasons, especially consent. Something that seems hard in shifter romance stuff. I recently read a book about a shifter (not werewolf) whose OMG MATE stuff just was cringy and felt very nope. So I am happy to read that this book is better with that. I will check out the book. Love books about shifters~

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  2. I used to read a TON of paranormal romance, and one of the things that made me stop reading the genre as a whole was the dubious consent issues. Like… some of them had complete, real consent. But others did not, and it got to be more than I was willing to put up with from the genre. Thank you for calling out that this book does consent right!

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