Show Your Bujo Theme | January 2022

Yes, here we are. Last week I shared with you the whole set up of my 2022 reading bujo. And now it is time to share with you how my monthly spreads for January are looking like. There are not as many as in the previous two years because I am just focusing on reading right now. So a cover page and 2 spread pages. I think that works fine because it will cost me a little less time to illustrate the pages if I have 2 spread pages less. Less work means more focus haha.

I am going to move these posts to the start of each month starting February and I won’t be adding in the filled out pages. I might make a spread of that at the halfway point for those that are interested.

Anyway I went with a very easy topic for January and that is:


The cover page. Nothing too fancy but still rather nice I think. The month really pops out.

A playful spread where I will write down how much I read each day and then colour the boxes according to the colour that goes with that amount of pages. And then the box is to write down what I read.

A random painting try out that could have been better. Still it grabs you so there is that. And then there is my monthly tbr. Pretty much all arcs except for Lake Silence.

What do you think of my monthly theme? What would you have chosen?

7 thoughts on “Show Your Bujo Theme | January 2022

  1. Het thema komt inderdaad perfect naar voren wanneer je de eerste bladzijde ziet. Ik vind je tracker voor het gelezen aantal bladzijden per dag echter ook heel tof gedaan. Het ziet er heel speels uit zo.

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