2022 Reading Bujo Set Up | Show Your Bujo Theme

It is weird to consider that this will be my 3rd year of bullet journaling. I think I’ve come a long way since my first clumsy attempts back in 2020. I’ve certainly been setting up my journal more the way I want to over the last year.

For this year I have decided to make my bujo a complete reading bujo. The last few months of 2021 I struggled keeping up with the trackers I had in there for my personal life. I’m just at a point where I don’t need to put down how my drinking went or anything. I don’t need to punish myself by seeing that I failed. My mind supplies that for me just fine thank you. And when something isn’t adding to your life it is time to cut. So that is what I am doing in my bujo. I am mostly pleased with the set up.

So this is the bujo I bought for 2022. I could not resist. Look at it. It is yellow! It is from the same line as my previous two bujo but slightly smaller. That hasn’t bothered me in anyway. And I love the elastic around it to keep it more tightly bound together. You can’t see it in this pic but on the side I can also put a pen. It also is completely empty. And with that I mean it doesn’t have a forced index or tracker thing in the first few pages. Definite bonus!

For the dutchies here is the link to this bujo. You can get a few different colors though.

Basic Set Up

This is the first page I made back in early November already and it kind of shows (the first few pages up to the monthly tbr’s too) It is a little messier. And I could have ditched the mood tracker at the top. It was before I decided to ditch that completely. Ah well. On the other side are my own made bookish stickers from my etsy shop.

Very simple and yellow next page. One to put down the bujo themes and the other I’ve put in loose cards for my long time series reading challenges. Like discworld. I can take these with me to the next bujo.

I have another two pages just like these to track the review copies I get through netgalley or authors. When I read them and have reviewed them. Last year they were more scattered throughout the bujo and I lost track of them easily. Hopefully 4 pages will be enough, lol.

Time for colors. I redrew these monthly tbr pages from 2021. I just liked them and I have since improved in drawing so I figured it would be nice to compare for myself. You can see the previous ones here.

Reading Statistics

Onto the stat pages. I’ve decided to track the genres in one big block with colouring them in for genre. I think it works easier than having it in my monthly spreads.

Here I track the ratings, release years, format and gender of the authors from the books I’m reading. As you can see I added more block to color instead of only turfing. I think it will look really cool.

More stats here like my miscl tracking, target groups, diversity and arc/library reading. Lots of kitties here too.

Here I track the amount of pages my books were, how the monthly tbrs in my monthly spreads are doing and my average rating.

And the last one is an overlook on my reading per month.

Reading Challenges

This image might look familiar since I am currently using it as my profile pic in my places, including here on the blog. It is me with my two cats and a book. Pretty huge one too. I just really liked it. Many of the spreads below don’t have a lot of of illustrations compared to the rest because I needed to put in more text.

For Turtle Recall

For Let Us Read Middle Grade

For the Space Time Reading Challenge

For the Adult SFF Backlist Book Challenge.

One of my personal reading challenges that I’ve had for a few years. This will technically end on my birthday in October but I’m going to carry it until December. I’ve filled in the green ones that I’ve read already (not that many) and the orange ones are books I’ve lost complete interest in. Lots of work to do here.

5 Books I think will be 5 star reads is a yearly reoccuring challenge. Just to see if my gut is right haha. The other one is for the the 12 challenge.

Here we have the spread for Picture Prompt Book Bingo. I wanted this to look nicer but I misjudged how much room the images were going to take in. And the other one is the cover page for the Pondathon tracking with room for the badges I’m going to win haha.

Since I don’t know what the next two quarters are going to look like I left that open to fill in at a later time.

So there you have it. My 2022 reading bujo set up. Do you have a bujo? What does your set up look like?

11 thoughts on “2022 Reading Bujo Set Up | Show Your Bujo Theme

  1. I love that you put in so much work, and your illustrations are fabulous! My reading tracker is pretty basic. I have a page where I am tracking pages read, a page for monthly stats, and a page for each month’s books read. I’m tracking titles, format (audio vs. physical), pages read, and the dates I started and finished on the monthly books read page.

    Pam @ Read! Bake! Create!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alweer zo mooi gedaan. Ik moest trouwens glimlachen toen ik het stukje las over het laten wegvallen van persoonlijke trackers want dat is dus exact de reden waarom ik daar nooit mee gestart ben. Ondertussen ken ik mezelf genoeg om te weten dat ik zoiets niet moet doen want dat ik al streng genoeg voor mezelf ben zonder op papier te zien staan wat ik allemaal niet heb behaald. Het is ook de reden waarom ik ben overgestapt op een Ta Da-systeem ipv een To Do-list die voor schuldgevoelens zorgde.

    Mijn eigen bullet journal is opnieuw in Harry Potter – thema. Lekker voorspelbaar. Inhoudelijk is het telkens een overzicht van mijn agenda, verschenen blogposts, maandmenu, gelezen boeken, wat ik geknutseld en/of cadeau gegeven heb, wat ik gekocht of gekregen heb en aan het einde een terugblik. Vrij basis dus maar dit systeem lijkt goed voor me te werken.

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    1. De vorige 2 jaren had die trackers nog een functie maar op een gegeven moment was ik er gewoon niet meer mee bezig. En soms dan moet je gewoon veranderen šŸ™‚

      Don’t change a winning team šŸ˜‰

      Liked by 1 person

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