Time to Crunch Some Numbers | Reading Stats 2021

As every year since 2015, I am going to be looking back at my reading year in numbers. It has steadily been growing in what I look at, haha. This year I am adding a few new things. It is fun to be able to compare it to other years. Like how I have increasingly been reading many more female over male authors.

Previous Years

2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020


Last year I had about 50% for 4 star reads. This year it is over 60% so that is pretty good. There are also no books below 3 stars this year. I don’t think I have ever had that happen before. So that is pretty amazing. My 5 stars are under 10%. I hope next year I can pick that back up again.

Release Dates

Last year my books released during that year (2020) was 35%. Now that was almost 45%. That is a big increase. It has to do with how my reading went this year and how I had to focus more on arcs with the little reading that I did. I read a little more older books, those published before 2000. So that is nice.


Look at that. I think this is the first year that Ebooks have trumped physical books. My physical tbr cries. But it is interesting to see because in 2016 I read 85% physical books. There are of course reasons for that. So many E arcs. But I’ve also been buying more ebooks as you have seen in my book hauls this year. And often, I read those rather quickly. More quickly than I am inclined to pick a up a new physical book I bought.

Still no audio books. Maybe some day.

Gender Authors

Last year my female author reading was 68%. It has increased quite a bit since then. I think I am quite happy with how much female authors I read compared to male authors. Years ago this number was very different. However I would like to read more by non-binary authors (the purple slice). Its near the same as last year.

Target Group

Last year my adult reading was 56% and here it has grown quite a bit. I do think that has to do with that I read less middle grade this year than last year. I also read less Young Adult as before. That doesn’t come as a surprise. I have been very selective about what young adult I do pick up. I’ve been growing out of the target group for a while. With a 5 year old I just look at a lot of those kids different. I find it easier to go along with a middle grade than the things that happen in a YA.


This seems to stay at about the same numbers. Though mental health and disability is less. That has to do with me. 2021 Was a hard mental health year for me in places and I couldn’t quit read those books that had the potential to trigger me. Disability is still the one that doesn’t get enough attention as a set something characters can have.

Some Extra Bits I Tracked

45% Of my reading was arcs which is okay. I did however not read any books from the library this year. I really hope to pick that up again in 2022.


Books with 300-400 pages is still my most read page count. A lot of the arcs were of this number. Last year my next category was 200-300 but this year it is 400-500 which is good because I do want to read more bigger books. I have too many still on my tbr.

Pages and Books per month

With these two you can see how my reading went throughout the year. You can clearly see how at the start and the end of the year I read more pages and more books. And that I had a huge dip from April to October. Especially in the page count.

Genres Read

That fantasy is my most read genre is not a surprise. But I would like sci-fi to come a little higher too. Contemporary was actually rather decent for me at the start of the year.

Monthly TBR’s

In my bujo I made a tbr of 7 books per month just to see how that went. Decently mostly. The orange-yellow are the books I read, the yellow what I did not read and the orange what I dnf-ed, which were two books. I hope I can get these numbers a little better.

Most Read Authors

Patricia Briggs11
Amanda Flower3
Terry Pratchett 3
Marjorie Liu6
Sana Takeda5
Kristen Callihan3

It will come as no surprise that Patricia Briggs is my most read author of 2021. I am almost caught up on Mercy Thompson and I started the Alpha and Omega companion series where I tore through the first few books in a few weeks. Of course Liu and Takeda are on here because of Monstress, and I read a short story collection of Liu.

10 thoughts on “Time to Crunch Some Numbers | Reading Stats 2021

  1. I love your stats! Fantasy was my most read genre last year by far, too. And I’m planning to include POC/LGBTQ+/Disability rep in my next year’s wrap-up post too, so I’m glad to see how you graphed it this year. I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to show that in my next wrap-up.

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  2. Dit blijft interessant om te zien. Je hebt bijvoorbeeld indrukwekkend veel boeken gelezen in het jaar dat ze uitkwamen. Aan audioboeken heb ik mezelf ook nog steeds niet gewaagd en mijn ereader heeft het voorbije jaar vooral veel in de boekenkast gelegen. Ik had me voorgenomen om net als jou wat meer extra details bij te houden maar daar is uiteindelijk niet veel van gekomen. Alles dat meer energie lijkt te vragen wordt nu al snel aan de kant geschoven.

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