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Pondathon 2022 Sign-Up | Ready for a Year Long of Gardening

Back in 2020 CW from The Quiet Pond created a fun readathon that lasted a few months based on the characters from The Quiet Pond. It was a lot of fun. This year they are bringing Pondathon back for a whole year! Instead of saving the Pond we are reading books to decorate our garden.

You can find all the information about the readathon here. The sign-up and character creation can be found here.

Character Card

I thought about reusing my Signourney butterfly from the first Pondathon but decided it didn’t fit enough with my anymore. The butterfly has left the blog so something else seemed more fitting.

I went with a character that is based on me with my name obviously. But this Annemieke is more of a personification of the uber happy part of me. Plus this one is a red cat! Her title is a play on my blog name obviously.

This Annemieke is a happy and hard working kitty. She likes to keep her space organized and neat. As she gardens she hums to whatever song she has stuck in her head. She does take a lot of naps inbetween but that is only because she works so hard in the time she’s awake. Wink.

To Be Read

Here are 10 random books from my tbr I’d really like to get to.

All art and the banner/character card creation are by CW from The Quiet Pond. The Character is drawn by me, based on the ideas and designs by CW from The Quiet Pond.

11 thoughts on “Pondathon 2022 Sign-Up | Ready for a Year Long of Gardening

      1. Absolutely! I’m not sure I’ll be doing all of the side quests—actually, I’m sure that I won’t, because I know I won’t always feel like doing the required task—but I love having the extra time to do them.


  1. Omg, I love the look of your character! SO cute 😍 I decided yesterday to join in the Pondathon (first time, woo!)! I still have to make my announcement post but I’m excited to take part in it! Hehe good luck and happy reading!

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