Signing Up for Picture Prompt Book Bingo

Back in December Mayri from Book Forager hinted at having a book bingo challenge coming to us for 2022. You know me. I love a reading challenge, especially bingo’s en especially if they are created by people I like.

On monday she introduced us to the Picture Prompt Book Bingo. And I love it. It is a book bingo but instead of words we get pictures. And with our associations from that picture we can connect a book to the picture. Which is a lot of fun because there are going to be so many different choices for these pictures.

Just some books from my that spring right to mind from these pictures are Daughter of the Pirate King, The Witches Arc from Discworld, The House in the Cerulean Sea, Human Enough, Stars and Bones, Iron Widow etc.

Are you joining in?

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